Is everyone at risk of losing their jobs with DISD.

The word is that everyone will have to reapply for their jobs for the next academic school year. Education is not stable anymore for us all. What do you think?

New electronic policy......hmmmmmmm

Yes, indeed. So the all new, sure fire brand spankin' new DISD 'cure all' policy spinner has recently landed. read your copy, one and all ! You have until Nov 18 to sign it electronically {and read it all ...if you dare!}.
This just smacks of the district's necessary loophole to get rid of employees for little to no reason at all. Surely I'm not the only one with blinders off here...

And, btw, what to those who for whatever reason don't get to it by the 18th? Firesville?

Please let me know, because

Please let me know, because I didn't sign mine. Oh well....

Did not sign

If you really did not sign expect a termination letter for insubordination. Don't give disd a reason to increase the staffing shortage.

Concerned about ADAMSON

With C Goodsell getting the axe I hope this prompts the district to take a better look at the appointments that were made under her reign. Adamson HS is in need of new leadership. There is so much corruption and unprofessionalism going on and it has led the campus to miss AYP once again. For this I do not blame the teachers, I blame the administration. Mrs. Kircher came into the school and immediately everything has made a turn for the worse. During the first weeks of school last year Kircher appointed St Ama as an assistant principal. The new assistant principal (currently dean of instruction) is known for his unnecessary and excessive documentation and write ups that he gives to the faculty. Yet, when he breaks the rules there are no consequences. Did I mention that said principal was just a math teacher at the beginning of the school year last year with no HS teaching experience and was promoted over several qualified and certified members of the faculty that had been at Adamson for years?!?! Along with her she brought 5 of her former employees from Rusk and they have been allowed to do whatever they see fit. The Science teacher that was brought over was allowed to teach a high school class that she was unqualified to teach based on the fact that she did not feel comfortable working with the other staff members. To carry her weight those same staff members had to teach her kid's b/c she did not fully understand the content. Her scores were good and credit was given to her for work she has not done. After receiving an easy ride of teaching she then left at the end of the school year and is currently at North Dallas. Another Rusk teacher had been granted 4 periods off for planning when elective teachers only receive one every other day. Even within the class periods that she is supposed to teach you would hardly find her in her room b/c she left the DISD paid tutor to do her work while she tends to her own kids and constantly leaves campus to work on her graduate school responsibilities. Now she has been promoted over a lot of qualified candidates and is now the program coordinator at the school. She has taken this promotion to her head and has over stepped her boundaries by assuming administrative duties like doing walk throughs and evaluations in an effort to intimidate the staff. The worst situation is that the office manager that she brought over was allowed to be paid during her entire maternity leave despite, the fact that she was not at work. This has been reported to the OPR several times but under Hinijosa's leadership however was never investigated and no disciplinary actions have taken place. The only students that are genuinely cared about are those who Kircher feels will make her look good in the process. Last year she allowed a students, the senior class president to single handedly run the campus. Even going so far as to grant him permission to disrespect as well as boss around his coaches and teachers. She publicly reprimands staff members in front of office workers and constantly is writing the ones she knows better than to disrespect up and putting these write ups in their files w/o their signature or knowledge. Last years administrative intern who in reality was the SLC teacher did most of the administrative duties including walk through's even though she was not a certified appraiser. This year Kircher appointed her as an assistant principal, they interviewed other candidates after the fact that it was already announced that she would take over as assistant principal. Everyone is fully aware that the only reason she was appointed was because the lady acting as program coordinator lacks the credentials to be appointed as asst principal at the current time. The only time other students tend to be addressed by her is when she needs them to create list of so-called " bad" teachers. Once the financial state of DISD had been exposed instead of being sensitive to the many people that may be w/o work she rallied the problem students together requesting them to let her know who they felt the " good" and "bad" teachers were so that she could include them on her list to be fired. Even when these students created the list she went thru it telling the kids" Oh, you think this is a good teacher? Well I don't". In a community were it is already difficult to gain the respect and trust of the students she has further given students reason to disrespect and not take seriously the faculty at Adamson HS. Dallas ISD is really going to need some strong leadership in order to keep its staff focused at a time were education is not being taken seriously on a local or state level. A leadership that is constantly tearing down the staff that work so hard to get the Oak cliff community/ students to be college and career ready is only going to create a negative environment for students and parents. I say all of this to say that this lady clearly does not genuinely care about this community. She has proven that by promoting a culture of inner fighting and negativity, and bringing in a staff that is unqualified to lead at the high school level, and teaching the students that it is ok to disrespect the faculty.
OPR….WHERE ARE YOU???????? Dallas Morning News….WHERE ARE YOU?????????

What are you diggin'

This blogger posted same blog in Dallas Morning News but got no reaction from readers so he/she posted this here. Man. I don't know what you are digging but looks to me like a teacher who's pass up for promotion. Let's see if this will generate more reactions here. If I were you, I will go to the board and speak about your concerns. Let's see if you will stand by your words. Go on, sign up to speak. Get your complain out there face to face with the board and not on some blogs.

Well i think everyone at

Well i think everyone at risk of losing their jobs all around the world due to economic recession.

Adamson's principal, et al.

Several years ago, another "favorite" principal - supposedly a cousin of Hinajosa - "promoted" a teacher to serve as his assistant principal - even as he was not certified in administration! The unofficial AP pretty much took the same liberties as with Adamson's Dean - classroom visits to teachers, checking up on teachers, evaluations, etc. Again, he did not have the administration certification and was actually listed as a teacher. This is the same teacher/AP who married a student, right after she graduated! But, the principal I'm referring to saw the handwriting on the wall and took his AP buddy to a Dallas suburb once his cousin left the district. Hope that smaller district is doing okay!

The District Initiatives and

The District Initiatives and Planning Department was dissolved in the April RIF . . . everybody except the Executive Director, who is listed on the current org chart with the same title. If the department was eliminated, why is there still an Executive Director?

That is because

his daddy was a longtime disd employee daddy got his two litttle boys taken care of for years...neither is good nor competent, but daddy fridai paid his dues..

I can't see everyone having to reapply for their jobs

I can't see everyone having to reapply for their jobs.
Incredibly stupid HR has all the appropriate records on anyone working in the district,to work at any level at any school.
Loyal employees should have first choice, waste of time and money$$$$$$$$ and paperwork is beyond belief. They must just enjoy, Watching Experience Employees jump through hoops like dogs.

PS:except the ones that were CG's trained flying monkeys got a free ride through HR.

exactly why did goodsell get

exactly why did goodsell get fired?

School Board members

What are the names of the school board members that would possibly support Gooodsell.?

School Board Members

Mr. King is doing an excellent job of cleanup and the majority of the community and school staff support him. If a school board member does not, we need to express how we the voting tax-paying public fee by replacing that individual.

Probably Edwin Flores and

Probably Edwin Flores and that's it.


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Another thousand from custodial will be getting laid off soon - the district is advertising for a vendor to take over all of those services, as well as another vendor to take over HVAC.

Is There Anything Jon Dahlander knows?

Is it just me or is there nothing that Jon Dahlander knows about anything? Every time he is interviewed he either doesn't know the answer or he is not allowed to comment. For instance, we all know Goodsell is not gone because her position was done away with, yet Dahlander expects us to believe that is why she is gone. The problem is how do his Christian morals that he professes so strongly to anyone who will listen allow him to just lie like he does and never go back and correct it. Perhaps Jon Boy should return to his previous position as the DPP (District Piano Player).


Jon knows and says just enough to keep his job.

As illogical, inhumane,

As illogical, inhumane, insensitive, and insane as DISD is, I can't see everyone having to reapply for their jobs. If you think about it, that would be pretty much impossible. I just wonder if the district is going to do what is right and try to contact all the people whos lives Goodsell ruined and make things right with them. Her actions negatively affected a lot of people and changed their lives. The District should consider trying to back-track and make some things right, but we all know they won't, don't we? I certainly hope that the latest rumor that she is being paid for the remainder of the year is not true. This should be checked out and stopped immediately if it happened.