Goodsell Gone?

Reports are out saying that Cynthia Goodsell was escorted from her office by the Police this morning and that she is said to no longer be emplyeed by the district. Does anyone know anything about this? Surely someone does, it seems to be all over the district.

The skinny is that Goodsell

The skinny is that Goodsell refused to recognize her new supervisor Dorothy Gomez and failed to attend any meetings called or held by Ms. Gomez as Goodsell felt she (Goodsell) should have had the job instead. Although DISD is saying Goodsell's job was done away with, we all know they would have transferred her somewhere else for another job if she had not been fired. I think there is more to this that we don't know yet. The meeting thing doesn't sound logical. Had that been the case, someone would have just talked to her and given her a chance to correct it. In previous matters like this, it has usually had something to do with money or changing records or something really bad. It will probably leak out today. I would not want to be in Goodsell's shoes. She probably has more enemies than anyone in the district because of the things she has done to people. I would bet Shirley Yarbrough spilled the goods on everything Goodsell ever did that was shady.

Second Gunman

Was she the second gunman behind the Grassy Knoll, too? The 20th Hijacker? The Boston Strangler?

Is there anything in your post that is FACTUAL? Were you in the meeting with her? What is it with you people? God Almighty, the gossip and venom that courses through your veins. Yes, that woman ticked off many people. You betcha. She ticked off some really good people, but she also got rid of incompetent people, unqualified people and so on. She got rid of one of the most poisonous people in DISD, someone who enjoyed spreading lies about her co-workers and bosses. Wait, are one you guys her in disguise? That would certainly explain a lot. You know, you all may be her lackey, doing her bidding for her as she tells you her web of lies.

Your target is gone now, so who are you all going to blame for your problems now? Who is your next target?

I love fatigued! An

I love fatigued! An intelligent posting finally!

I love fatigued! An

When life gives you lemons--ask for tequila. Have a blessed day, dear.

Stealing that

I am stealing that phrase.

yeah it is not hearsay.

Yesterday, in the comments below, we discovered that the Dallas ISD had summoned some of its principals and executive directors to 3700 Ross for what was described as an "emergency meeting." Last night, I found out why from a Friend of Unfair Park doing some volunteer work for the DISD: District officials fired Cynthia Goodsell, a senior executive director who, in June 2009, was tapped to head the West Secondary Learning Community.

I just heard the same thing

I just heard the same thing from someone who saw her escorted out. How many of Hinojosa's buddies are left?