Who's The Man

Just saw on the news that 200 teachers are being laid off, not enough money in the budget I guess with a $30M shortfall expected next year. So why is a certain principal at Skyline having $10K of new carpet installed. I hear his carpet had a soap spot on it so he demanded to have the entire carpet removed along with the entire office suite. Too bad teachers, there are more important things than jobs.

Nice Post...

I think its sad to lose these teachers because they are ones who really help our special needs students. DISD laid off teachers before and yet we are still in the hole. Now they want to get rid of more teachers because they hired too many??? What are you people doing in HR??? Can you not read...didnt you attend a DISD school??

Get it together!!! Why must we suffer because of the mistakes of others???

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More Carpet Gate

Looks like the wagons are circling no one's talking any more, but I did find out why the carpet was so high though come to find out that it's a special order carpet not the standard DISD brand. Not sure if the price includes labor or not. One thing certain is the special stuff had to be approved by someone up the ladder. Guess that Hinojosa and Goodsell aren't the only good friends couple at DISD, King must have his favorites to. Sorry teachers and students guess you have to wait till next year to get those supplies you need, too many suds in the carpet for now.

Corporate Model for Public Education

They are following a corporate model to public education nowadays. Hence the layoffs to improve the carpet. Once the infrastructure is to their liking they will up-ramp employment with a new group of teachers they can fire every 5 years. Saves money in the long run but at the employee's expense.


New carpet thing

Get on this Skyline carpet thing to see if there is any truth. Schools have no paper, supplies, etc and this guy gets new carpet? WTF?