Students Brawl At Madison High School

Are DISD officials doing enough to ensure the schools are safe?

For several weeks, we've been getting emails with teasers like "fights are a daily routine at James Madison High School," etc. We've generally responded with: "where is the proof?"

A student was kind enough to capture footage of a fight which occurred yesterday morning at Madison High School right in front of the Youth Action Center.

The person providing the video claims that the individual seen standing on the staircase, in the background, looking on is an assistant principal. The District disputes those claims (see official statement below).

DISD Spokesman Jon Dahlander sent us the following:

Hi Allen,

I have reviewed the video with the principal from Madison. According to
her, the individual standing on the stairway is a student, not an
assistant principal. The altercation was broken up as quickly as possible
by an assistant principal and security officer. The students involved have
been disciplined according to the Student Code of Conduct.


Jon Dahlander
Dallas ISD

The video, which appears to have begun by taping the fight in progress, does not appear to show adults breaking up the fight--though it is certainly a possibility given the quality.

Did you witness this fight? Have you witnessed other fights at DISD schools? If so, do you have video?

So the question still stands? Are DISD officials doing their best to ensure safe schools?

Principal at Madison

first of all my child use to go to madison and secondly what good will any proof do when the principal and the district is just going to cover it up. I have had problems with mrs. willard for 2 years or more but the district will only transfer you to a liason who will only take the principals side of the story. how can these kids learn when the teachers there are just as childish as they are. I have been in the halls when a student asks to go get a bandage and the teacher is in a bad mood and curses the child out, the principal knows this but will do nothing. She has her staff scared of losing their jobs so they witness a lot of things, but refuse to do anything about it. The staff at Madison will shove your children against walls and lockers and the district will say that it is allowed if a child is being disruptive, but if your child and several others say the child wasn't in the wrong why do the principal get away with things like this. Madison needs the district to walk in with plain clothes and the staff not knowing and you will have the proof you need. they fight everyday and just get sent to alternative school if you look funny she will send you to alternative school, and if she want to harrass you she will and can get away with it because she is the principal and the staff want to keep their job.

We are so Jealous

You paraprofessionals need to find something else to do. Just M-E-S-S-Y!

I personally think that the

I personally think that the schools are day by day getting bad. I can tell you now that charter schools are way better than DISD schools. Since I moved to WW. Samuell high it's just so different especially some of the staff. There's fights, threats and etc happening. The principal only talks when something happens that is affecting him professionally. He's rarely seen throughout the school he's pretty much just in his office plus some of the teachers and staff are so disrespectful and unprofessional. I think that in order for a school to be successful it of course has to have people that are professional. They use profanity against students. The officals for a moment just watch kids fighting for a while than start running to stop it. Really? Then people say why the school is academically unacceptable... I, as a student can tell you this because I've been there for three years and I've never liked it its just a disgrace. They have good education I can say that... but a principal they don't . They really don't have disclipine and have so many tardies. They're just horrible. They should just assign someone else like really.


This video is exactly why I'm so happy I live in a rural district. We are not a wealthy district, in fact 80% of students qualify for free lunch. But our students are respectful of their school and one another. Kids learn how to behave by having responsible adults in their lives and by being in safe environments as they grow up. This is something that has to start at home. Sadly, many of these children have not had good parenting, and they don't come to school prepared to learn. Instead of blaming the schools, parents of these kids need to take a good long look in the mirror. If you know Dallas is not a safe place to raise your child -- move to a safe environment. If you're not willing to be a good parent, or if you plan to be absentee and allow your child to be influenced by thugs and gangs, DO NOT HAVE KIDS!

what did you expect?

With the layoffs, each high school lost security personel. Service providers were cut as well. So you removed many resources from the school, lost some teachers, fired the hall monitor (in previous posts about Madison)...What did you expect? Madison has a great security team but they can only do so much.

Teachers can't do it by ourselves

I honestly don't believe that Dallas ISD is doing all they can to ensure school safety. What's really eerie however, is that a spokesperson would actually lie about an administrator not being present when there actually was one there. Discipline across the district is a joke and the students know it. There have even been reports of students at the alternative school throwing rocks at cars on the freeway and intimidating/beating up bus drivers.

One would think that while administration is running around trying to improve test scores and school ratings through non research-based tactics, (which are wearing teachers down), micromanagement, and intimidation, the "powers that be" would be of assistance by giving schools the flexibility to crack down on discipline AND putting at least some effort into getting the parents/community involved. For example, I have had students to leave my school and transfer to another district (Richardson), only to be kicked out and told that they can never come back to that school nor that district (WOW). At any rate, the proof is definitely in the pudding. Whatever it is that they are doing, IT'S NOT WORKING. Now the entire district is on a SIP (School Improvement Plan, usually happens when you have a high number of schools that are AU). It's only a matter of time before this district goes completely down the toilet, considering it's halfway there already.

Principals wants teachers to handle it all!

As a sub for DISD, I've actually experienced several schools now that do not take referrals from teachers. There is yet another "philsophy" and super plan for discipline - a handout titled "classroom management."

No more referrals for bad behavior for the office. First, you must consult the counselor about the behavior of the student. So, do you stop class and accompany the student to the counselor's office? What immediate consequences do you take to discourage the bad behavior while you're still in class? Note - the other students are watching to see the consequences!

Second, the teacher is required to call the parent of the misbehaving student (in the middle of class? What happens to the other 30+ students while you're trying to call a parent? What if parent on the phone doesn't back you up in the middle of the call and starts chewing you out??? We know this has happened before!)

I'd like to send back a handout telling about the team effort it takes to run a school and that teachers cannot do it all! What are the responsibilities of the principals and APs??? How nice to place all responsibilities onto the teachers!

All I can say is these principals and authors of the new "plan" - have not been in the classroom in years! Let them take care of discipline by consulting the counselor, calling the parent, etc. See how well that works in a classroom of 30+ middle or high school students!

Thirty years ago, I was teaching at a middle school in DISD. I saw a student with a knife and it fell out of his pocket. I wrote a referral to the principal, mainly to get the child out of the classroom with the weapon. The principal sent the kid back to my classroom within 5 minutes - AND HE STILL HAD THE KNIFE! She told me that I needed to call the parent! That was my job to handle the discipline! I quit teaching right after that incident. I couldn't protect the other students, myself or even the student himself. The principal didn't want to deal with it! "Not her job!"


We have that philosophy at our DISD school, also. If you ask for assistance when a student is out of control, it is your fault.

is too the asst. principal

is to the asst. principal on the stairs he seen it and done nothing it always like that at jm then they lie and say it not they have fighting all the time in hallway bathroom and jim i will take video

DISD is just SORRY

This is an example of the quality of individuals attending DISD High Schools and/or who graduated from DISD. The academic quality of these students is a direct result of teachers being placed in a position of passing students or being evaluated negatively. Unless a student is in AP classes the level of expectation for performance is very low. Students can pass a class without ever doing homework, writing an in-dept research paper, or studying for a test. Passing the TAKS test at 2100 should not be difficult since a score of 2300 is considered necessary to look for college in your future.

I think you were trying to

I think you were trying to spell "in-depth" instead of in-dept - which must make you a product of DISD also????

If you are a student, ou

If you are a student, ou really need to spend your spare time in class learning how to write. If you are an adult pretending to be a student, take the necessary steps to report incidents and stop wasting time blogging.

[Ed Note: Technically, sending us a video of things like this is reporting it :) ...technically.]