Micheaux Gone

Well just read where Donna Micheaux is gone and now Dorothy Gomez is over all of the Secondary Senior Executive Directors. Interesting that this is Ms. Gomez's first year in the post and the Hinajosa favored Cindy Goodsell, was not chosen to be the leader. I bet she is not happy over this. Shirley Isom Newsom is over all of the Senior Elementary Directors and I know she will straigten things out there.

Sign the Petition on change.org

Help Dallas teachers by signing a petition to revoke extension of teacher work days by 45 minutes/ Reinstate prep days.


Teachers want their time back because they were not included in this decision which affects them in so many ways and adds three and a half weeks to their work load with no additional pay. Teachers also want their time back because the district has not included them in the decision of how to use that time. They have left it up to principal discretion. Most principals are choosing to use that time for meetings, book studies and other functions that have little to do with allowing teachers to prepare for actual teaching or to take care of the mountains of email, paperwork and documentation that accumulate each day. Teachers are, in general, a generous group of people who donate many dollars from their pockets and many hours on weekends and evenings away from family to better serve their students. They do this without being asked. Teachers know when they need to put in extra hours, and they do so often. Mandating that teachers spend an extra 45 minutes daily and then dictating how they spend that time takes away any flexibility that they have in their day and sends the message that teachers aren’t wise enough to manage their own time and workload.
Dallas ISD needs to work smarter, not harder, and realize that they are alienating their workforce. Many are already searching for work in other districts. The best and brightest teachers will probably be hired away.
We are all here for the students, and perhaps the best way to support them is by supporting teachers and trusting their judgment.

Aministrative Assistants having access to Employee Evaluations

Does anyone know if DISD policy approves Administrative Assistants to have access to employee evaluations for their department? In my department, the main Admin collects all evaluations completed by supervisors...this means they have access to confidential information regarding all staff including their peers and supervisors? Is this practiced in all departments?

Filing Complaints With TEA

One more thing that I was going to point out, but my ADHD prevented me from doing this in a previous posting :) is to remind every that any concerned party may file a complaint with TEA. Here is a link to get more information on how to do it. Just because we're arguing as to whether or not it is reportable/non-reportable, doesn't mean we're right. TEA will (should?) investigate anything anyone wants to complain about. So go for it if you're so inclined! Maybe we'll be surprised at the outcome.


What, you are encouraging people to file a complaint about ANYTHING? Whether it is true or not, has merit or not, means anything or not, just do it? We have the resources to do this with what tax dollars, A.G.? I thought you were the one who wanted accountability on monies spent, not just in DISD, but in Texas.

Open government is great. Accountability is something we all want, but wasting resources is where I get off the train.

The waste is in the consistent cover up

How do we account for the accurate facts when you are busy spending countless hours falsifying everything just to prevail in the complaints that need to be filed, because you are unwilling to do the right thing?
Tell me why you all need to spend unlimited amounts on lawyers to defend the "NON RUMORS" you are so worried to cover up? You know the TEA is not going to prosecute for Felonies. You know that you can just lie under oath. Is that why you think the right to complain is a waste of OUR TAXPAYER FUNDS?
If you would just pretend we do not exist, when this conversation comes up, then you would not have to keep the conversation going. But you have some sort of agenda, that is unraveling with each post. Then you say the complainer is crazy or you are rude and insulting just like you continue to express again and again.

You really have it wrong

I am not spending countless hours on anything. I do not spend money on lawyers. I do not cover up anything. I have never had to be under oath. You really have this all wrong--what I have been trying to tell you all along.

You go from one accusation to another, from one tenuous fact to another. While you try to put on a cloak of decency and parental/taxpayer rage against the machine, you pick the wrong target. Nothing I have said here is unraveling, because I am not the one trying to get someone fired.

Caling the TEA, like calling ANY governmental agency, is your right. However, if you call without the facts BEFORE you call, as in, has policy really been violated, has a law been broken, then you make them spend their time --and our money--invstigating something that probably will turn out to be unfounded. Again, if you have the facts--and you really believe you do--then go before the school board. Without mentioning names out loud--believe it or not, they have a rule about that to protect you from a lawsuit, give them each a packet with the proof you say you have of a cover-up. Give the facts of conversations held, phone calls made, paperwork lost, etc... Rumors do not count in court, or with the TEA.

My "agenda" as you call it, is simple: I would like to see the truth in any situation come out, not rumors. I would like to see complaints made in the right forum, not on a blog. I would like to see facts, not rumors, be presented. Heresay has no place when discussing someone's careeer, much less maligning them from an anonymous perch.

Throughout this whole blog odyssey, you have been mean-spirited to her, as have some of your friends--whom you may not be able to control, so I should not blame you. You have implied that the target of your aim is -or worse, "could" do bad things--with NO PROOF whatsoever. When called on it, you cry foul, yet you are the one who has taken the lead on this matter. Either lead or not, take the criticisms or not, but to cry that you are being bullied --again--when you are the one who is anonymously attacking someone's reputation and livelihood, is a bit shallow.

Now, others on here have asked that both you and I STFU, and I really agree. I have waited a couple of days here and there, to see if your anger, your fire, would subside. It has not, and for that, I am sorry for you. So go ahead, go to the TEA, do whatever you want. Karma awaits, and that, my dear lady is not a threat, since yo do not understand that word at all. Just make sure your glass house is perfect, because it could shatter around you. We all have karma to contend with.

And I really do not wish you ill. If you reread my posts, I have asked for you to just reconsider your actions and desires for all involved. Someone has tried to talk about my appearance and my soul, odd, since they don't know me. They got it all wrong. Again, but that is okay. My conscience is clear. You do what you think you have to do, and let's see. Even if you "win," what do you get? Nothing.

You really have it wrong

Is this what you meant about karma, dear?

Still waiting for proof,

Still waiting for proof, Mary, dear. If it shows, great, wonderful. If not, then what? Karma happens in many ways. Some people are using their imagination to fill in gaps for lack of knowledge of recent events. None of us know the full story, but I betcha the rest is coming soon. Cuts are being made everywhere. Good and not so good people are being cut.

You though, still need to work on your karma. Dear.

Still waiting for proof

Karma is on the way to Atlanta on a "El Rancho" bus.

You have not yet fulfilled the requirements

I think you need to ask the right people to fill your gap..... I would but you are clearly not my type...
Let me help with this.
Yo JonnyD. Yous need to tell this Fatigued member of your staff the details so she will stop spreading the lie in regards to saying "RUMOR RUMOR" that is bringing attention to all the "situations" yous folks have over there in DISD.

If you want me to tell you about my evidence you need to play the game as the DISD has laid out the rules for engagement.
1. File a law suit claiming your grievance.
2. Request a formal Discovery. I need to have a deposition to understand all of your intentions and dirty truths so I can have a sound defense.
3. List all of your complaints, so We can rebut all of your issues, and answer each one that we know the response to.
Good Luck! See you at the Deposition!

These factors change the seriousness of these infractions.TEA

Did the infraction occurred coming from or going to a school sponsored event?
Did employee transport and in danger fellow employee by driving under the influence coming from a School Sponsored event?

PS. School Sponsored event can simply be the collection of Cash or checks in the Bryan Adams High School office for the event. Deposited checks for the event in a school account or writing checks from that account for the event.

Y'all Need to Quit

Quit the mudslinging and stfu. You are wasting too much space in this blog. Do something beneficial. QUIT blogging here if that's all you do. There is no educational value on everything you posted. Parents and administrators like you are one of the reasons DISD stinks. What low lives you have and self-disrespect. I feel sorry for your children and the children you teach. So there I said it. People know who you really are. Now one more post from either of you, mom of 2 and Fatigued will really validate what I just said about you. So stop now, quit. Get a life both of you.

I am the mirror, again

A threat from TooLow, eww a life who obviously has no life but to read all this....
DISD stinks because we are not a parent in the DISD. I am a taxpayer who would never subject the kids to such a place, so I do not make it stink. You prove nothing or validate nothing except that you are feeling the heat from my educational investigation of how administrators and teachers can have criminal records and can be employed, while good people are fired under bizarre circumstances. That is why all normal think the TooLow sort make DISD stink.
There, I said it. I will continue to blog because no matter what, the too low to be anything good at all, will read it and be inspired to get a life possibly, and have well, anything worth a life to live.

Who's the ugliest in the mirror

mirror mirror on the wall, who's the ugliest of them all. Is it mom of 2, fatigued, or the readers of this blog? mom of 2 got the most vote. a classless individual blogging in the guise of public interest. Well, well, interest my a$$ who are you kidding. You are a troublemaker and like others here I'm too is sick of your posts. Take the advise of TooLow. Get a life, I mean a real one, not bloglife. lol

[Ed Note: I don't know... I'm pretty ugly too!]

Magic Mirror on the wall

The question the Evil Queen asked, "who is the fairest of them all" That is why I am in the view!

You illiterate non person, you write " I'm too is sick of your posts."

And you all think my Yo Momma is ugly jokes are sick? You not only need a life you need a sense of humor as well.

Who's the ugliest in the mirror

In response to Ed Note: No, sir, you are far from being ugly. The word "fine" comes to mind.

[Ed Note: And you, kind ma'am, need GLASSES! :) ...I'm desperately trying to find the best "yo mamma's so ugly..." picture I've ever seen...]

Yo Momma so ugly...She cracked the mirror

Yo Momma so ugly they say.."dang it Halloween already?"
Yo non person don't read my posts... is that too intelligent for ya?
Yo Momma had you just to collect a check, and you work at DISD because that is all she ever taught you to do, collect a check for nuttin'
Yo daughter thinks every night is Halloween, cuz she's out knocking lookin' for tricks!

Yo me gotta a real life...you need to get one sometime...

Yo Momma is so ugly, her mom had to put a bag over her head just to raise her.
Yo Momma must have mated with Bozo the Clown to make you have such big feet and a wide nose, not to mention that fool hair style...

Oh have you posted the vote results anywhere? Where is the evidence? or are you part of that family that cheats....I guess yo Momma taught you to be that way, a low level child cheater, non person.

How old are you

mom of 2, how old are you? Are you suffering from mental illness? Are you proud of yourself for being a jerk? I think something is really really wrong with you. I feel so sorry for your child, I really am. I hope you get some help, for your child's sake.

No I am more sane than most, and you are the names you call me

I hope I get help in Austin to get the laws changed, to stop the corruption you all are involved in....For the sake of all the DISD kids!

I am old enough and I am not proud but I am Divine in my efforts. Pride is a mundane delusional mind that people like you suffer from.. not me>

Yo Momma so ugly...She cracked the mirror

I think "Mom of 2" is beautiful. I have seen "Fatigued" and she really is ugly--inside and out. A woman should look like a woman and not try to look like a man. To change your log-in to write something ugly about someone that does not agree with you or is trying to improve a situation that is wrong, is just UGLY. Let's quit playing these child-like games and stick to the issues. We are writing in to show our concern for the educational system of Dallas that has gone downhill under the direction of some big boy's girlfriend, relative, or a drug and alcohol abuser.

The mirror sees Ms Mary as a wonderful Lady, indeed!

Thank you sweet Ms Mary.

It's hard to see how all of

It's hard to see how all of the name-calling and petty stuff is helping DISD. This website used to give information- now it's just a forum for rants. I am not directing this comment at anyone specifically- just saying that this has all gotten WAY OUT OF HAND.

I think it's great that people care so much and want to improve the district. I am a teacher in DISD- I want to improve it as well. Maybe all of this negative energy could be directed in a more positive, productive fashion...

And Allen- I would post under my own name, but we have been told specifically on our campus that we better not be "one of those people posting on those pages." With the retribution that runs rampant, I'll keep my head down and play the game.

I agree with sadindisd

I appears to me the ones that are most concerned with what ever is going on in DISD, for the lack of better words "are idiots" who quote their child/children are not even in DISD. So I ask, why are you so worried about it. You act as if all DISD is the only district that has problems. That would not be true. Several districts have problems, some worst than others. However, the media gets so involved in DISD that the employees and administrator cannot take a dump without something being wrong with that. I just ran across this blog simply because I was trying to do some research and it is sad what I am reading. Instead of trying to help the issue you all are hurting it and nobody is thinking what this is doing to the children!!! I thought that was the purpose of having schools and districts to manage that. Is anyone looking at the fact children are involved and this should be about them. This would mean the community as a whole, staff and parents, need to come together and stop fighting against each other because in the end, as in divorce, only the children are the real victims!

You asked me why do I care.....

Since I am a mirror, and you are calling me an "idiot", then that means, non person, friend of SIN, you are the idiot, not me!
I care because I pay taxes and I needed to move because the personal friends of the administrators are too busy taking dumps and not teaching, causing the schools in my area to be rated academically unacceptable.
I understand that you think this blog hurts children more than attending an academically unacceptable school. You need a reality check, because very few districts are as bad as most of the schools in DISD. You think you should be allowed to be incompetent in a bubble without any public feedback? Not if I can blog, and I will continue to do so. Thanks for the inspiration!
I do agree the schools in DISD are victimizing the children. That is why I blog, to get the message out that there are people like you in the system; friends hired by the administration who are unqualified and not too smart. Thanks for validating my point, friend of SIN!

Make You A Deal

If everyone involved will post/debate/comment with his/her REAL name, I'll do the story on the DUI conviction--court records, mugshots, the whole 9 yards.

I think this is a great debate and I'm willing to open it up; but only if we all debate it openly and take responsibility for our statements.

Deal? (or can I say "I thought so" early on?)

Of course, now everyone will

Of course, now everyone will post with a pseudonym :)

These factors change the seriousness of this DUI/.TEA

Did the infraction occurred coming from or going to a School Sponsored event?
Did employee transport and in danger fellow employee by driving under the influence coming from a School Sponsored event?
PS. School Sponsored event it can simply be the collection of Cash or checks, in the Bryan Adams high school, office for the event. Deposited checks for the event in a school account or writing checks from that account for the event.

What happened on Friday December 8, 2006

When do high school staff have holiday party events? On school nights? or after the kids leave on Friday? Aren't football games on Friday? Who has a record?
My experience; work holiday parties often occur about that time the second offense happened.




Make You A Deal

First, thank you for providing this service for our School District. However, sir, when that dentist/child abuser was in the news you posted the story and his photo. When that politician was running for office but had been a male escort in N.Y., you posted the story and photos (one undressed). So what is the difference here if it is a matter of public record? The ladies posting will not reveal their names because they are probably employed by the district and time and time again, we have seen retaliation. Staff is removed, not for performance but because the administration uses it for her or his advantage and calls it part of the rift.

[Ed Note: Simple. Because there is a difference between a child predator/sex offender in a scholastic setting, and a drunk. Big difference.]

Make you a Deal

Response to Ed Note: You are probably right. However, we as parents object to the display of a life style in a school setting that we preach against at home. Again, thank you for providing the forum to vent frustrations that the previous superintendent refused to address.

[Ed Note: And you, ma'am, have very eloquently expressed exactly why this kind of criminal history may well matter! This is what I'm struggling with.]

I agree

I would like to commend the courageous people that have posted on this blog and especially the Editor which is allowed these multiple, yes, I mean more than one, Administrators to basically hang themselves. Like Richard Nixon, IT was the cover-up that exposed him. Now they're trying to cover up lying to all of us. They swore to us that the multiple DUI’s, was nothing but “RUMOR’S “for days and days on the end, one lie after another. Evidence and their own admission have SERIOUSLY injuring their credibility.
The big question is what else are they lying about? How far up does this in infection run run-up and down the chain of command?

If they do, I will.. DEAL

I still feel great concern regarding the need to inform TEA and if the procedure was correctly administered or if it is indeed not reported correctly, and if it is a violation to have this person employed?

Who is her direct supervisor, and who was responsible to provide the criminal status to the State Agency, as required by law?

Sec. 22.087. NOTIFICATION TO STATE BOARD FOR EDUCATOR CERTIFICATION. The superintendent of a school district or the director of an open-enrollment charter school, private school, regional education service center, or shared services arrangement shall promptly notify the State Board for Educator Certification in writing if the person obtains or has knowledge of information showing that an applicant for or holder of a certificate issued under Subchapter B, Chapter 21, has a reported criminal history.

[Ed Note: I have already followed up with TEA--did it the day the issue was first raised. There was no report made from the District. According to TEA a DUI is not a reportable criminal history.]

The TEA always says it is

The TEA always says it is never against the law to cheat the kids.....or be anything that they do.... they are all about cover up and stealing the taxpayer funds.
Now they want the schools to sue them to get fair funding. More money to lawyers,,again....
We send the money from property taxes to the state, and the state keeps it...
Why do we need to care?
Wait till slick Rick goes to Washington...

oh..So all drunks just become teachers in Texas! oh happy day!

So this person is allowed to
So then why all the hoopla about "RUMOR"?
Why not just come clean so we can just know that the administration can drink and drive without consequence?

It is still disturbing that a person of such disregard for public safety is "allowed" to break laws and not have to be transparent. Why the big cover-up?

great post, mom of 2

facts are facts which the administrator in question should have learned this in their training.
Have these individuals participating in a subsequent cover-up of the cover-up?

Thanks, just following the law......

I was told at my kid's TAKS review meeting, many years ago, that there are "true facts" and "false facts" that the school grades the kids on.

You see the district relies on setting us "straight" with the "false facts" when the truth is not what they need it to be to support their criminal activity. When a parent recognizes the "true fact" and mentions it the administration calls it an "attack"

It is never too late to report the conviction. The supervisor has fair warning to "do the right thing" NOW! Since the State of Texas promotes Drunk Drivers as Teachers and Administrators, we really need grass roots action to protect the kids from the lying child cheaters!

Not to bully or threaten, just a warning......
And we all need to bombard the BoT in writing,to get the policy changed to inhibit the evil administration the opportunity to conduct themselves in the illegal manner they are currently practicing. Not to bully but to advocate.

Show us the evidence

Please show us the evidence...give it to Mr Guinn, that there was a "cover up," much less, a "cover up of a cover up." If what you say is true, well, okay. But so far, all I see from you is ALLEGATIONS of a cover up, no proof. You seem heck bent on getting this woman removed from her post, not seeing if it is right, fair or anything else.

Someone else posted that you should have gone before the Board of Trustees, the TEA, etc.. I believe you said you did. Again, show us the proof you did this and were rebuffed. That, to me, would be more important than someone's driving record. Yet, all we have is your anonymous word for it. You claim "they" know who you are, but we don't. We have no way of verifying anything you write. Again, you just seem to want that woman gone, without regard to what it would do to the campus at this late date or if policies were violated.

Tell us this: Have you actually requested to meet with this principal? If so, when? Have you done any request under F of I Act regarding the "reporting" of her crime? Are you sure she has not? If there is no time limit, and she does it, is that enough for you, or do you want more? You just don't seem happy with anything.

Good for you if you want to go before the board or TEA to change policy. Good luck with that. That is democracy, and if you can quit comparing a DUI to getting caught with hookers, your case would be stronger. --You have done that twice now, in an effort to paint the woman with a brush of all sins being equal.

We get it. You think this woman would be a detriment to education. So then, put up or shut up, my grand pappy used to say. Rumors on blogs mean nothing. Action is what counts. Get the proof, take it forward and do something with it. We are waiting.

When you tell who you are first

1. You will change the evidence, they have and will.
2. I am acting on it don't worry. When you stop your high administration rant of rude and disrespectful criminal justification I will consider your requests.
3. I have made requests, but you are acting like you know if I have or not what this or that...WHO ARE YOU???

Since you are all into fables, remember the "Boy Who Cried Wolf"?

DISD Webpage - HELP!!

OK. I need another pair of eyes. Can anybody tell me where the link is located to apply to be a substitute teacher. The old web page had a link to Teacher Job Network, but now I don't see anything pertaining to subs except the phone number for the sub office which nobody ever answers!! When you click on the HR FAQ link, you get "Page Not Found". I thought it was a simple enough request, but obviously I NEED HELP!!!!

[Ed Note: It's a test. If you can find it, you're hired as a sub! If not... well... (hint: call 972-935-3700)]


That is 925----not 935


How do some of you keep up with who you are....it's like multiple personality disorder around here!

W. E. Greiner Exploratory Arts Academy

I'm a parent of a W. E. Greiner student. A faculty member associated with Bryan Adams High School told me that the, Head Principal in charge of W. E. Greiner Exploratory Arts Academy, had multiple DUI’s, even one coming from the Bryan Adams Christmas party.
Also rumored her supervisor failed to report that DUI in a timely manner (required by law) to the, Texas Education Agency, this would be a blatant cover-up, Along with other indiscretions.
Even though I almost graduated 10th grade I found in the public records evidence of these facts, OMG.
I could not believe the incompetent leadership of Dallas School District Administrators could possibly select someone with such dubious character to supervise my children.
What kind of background checks would allow someone of this kind of record to be promoted to the principal ship over children during their formative years? Plus the most impressionable years in our children's lives.
Can a person with these kinds’ personal decision-making flaws be in charge?
Everyone who approved this promotion should be investigated, now. Whatever process they use is flawed.
Shame on the Dallas independent school district allows people of this character to stay, and teachers and administrators that have given 20 and 30 years of exemplary service and character, (through thick and thin), to the district are being run out and replaced with Teach American, Scabs.
Dallas ISD Central administration, shame on you, shame shame shame!

The mission of W. E. Greiner Middle School is to provide an environment that motivates students to excel both academically and socially in a climate of mutual respect.

[Ed Note: Working on this. Thanks for the tip.]

W.E. Greiner

Dear Savedisd.....
As a parent of a former Greiner student and a person still very active in this community.. first of all if you are doing this to protect your kids...go for it. Not sure what you are protecting kids from. Someone who has obviously made mistakes? I have a question. My questions is what is your motive in this? It sounds more like a person with an axe to grind against one individual.
I'll be the first to admit that I've lots of things in the past that probably would be considered unforgivable or unwise. However, I'm fortunate to be surrounded by people that are very forgiving. Therefore, I would be the last person to pick up that stone and cast it at someone. Is your life completely clean, no baggage? If so you are probably the only person that I know that is like that. We have all made mistakes, some public and some private.....how long does a person need to be on bended knee asking for forgiveness and support..? Just because you have made a mistake,or have a laspse in judgement...does not mean you are and cannot be a good leader...This is in any field. It also does not reflect on a person's character.
You mentioned that you "almost graduated from the 10th grade", hopefully you had teachers that attempted to mentor you and help you to complete school. If not, then you did not go to Greiner. This school has had and continues to have some of the hardest working, exemplary teachers in this district. These teachers have life experience..this is what makes them good teachers. With life experience comes mistakes....that is how we tell our kids what to do to avoid these mistakes.
As to your comment about Teach America Scabs, it is Teach for America...this is a national program that pairs students in college that would make good teachers. They commit two years of their lives to teaching. They are certified teachers. They are not scabs, they did not cross a picket line...that is what a scab is someone that is unlicensed that crosses a picket line. I beg you as a parent to rethink your motives. When you tear down individuals, behind a guise of anonymity, you are cowardly. If you have issue with the individual come forth as an adult. We teach our kids to be good upstanding adults....we need to be examples of this.

Was a cover-up by the supervisor involved in both DUI’s?

Was a cover-up by the Same supervisor involved in both DUI’s?

In 2004 would that Supervisor would be in the Irving school district? Course we all know the supervisor was during 2006.

Stop with the rumors already

Is that all parents do, spread gossip? So "someone" told you unverified information about someone. Do you have their criminal record in front of you? Well, do you? Before you embarrass yourself more, why not check?

And while you are checking, a DUI is NOT a reason to terminate a campus employee. Unless their desks turn into cars, it does not endanger a child. It is not a good thing, do not misunderstand me, but it is not what you think it is.

As for "most impressionable years," that is actually birth- 7 years, not 12-14 years old.

[Ed Note: First, it is true. We've pulled everything from the court records to the mugshot(s). The question is (as you point out): is this a reason that an individual cannot serve in a senior campus position. It would be nice to hear from this person as to how these experiences have changed her life. Her testimony would be very powerful if she was to share it with students as to the hazards of failing to control one's consumption of alcohol.]

Last night after checking in

Last night after checking in on this blog, I linked back to the DMN DISD blog, and saw all these people 2 years ago were defending Ms. Taylor, claiming it wasn't true, people need to stop gossiping and check their facts, blah, blah, blah. Turns out it was/is true. People finally learned how easy it is to use the Dallas County Courts website. She was appointed to an administrative position after the first DUI and apparently again after the 2nd. As for "most impressionable years," for alcohol use, that probably is 12 -14 years old. And isn't there some kind of "teacher's oath" similar to a doctor's or a lawyer's, that says they will do nothing to endanger any child? Seems like I remember reading of that being used to terminate a teacher (NOT in DISD)who had sexual relations with a minor.
Of course we should have compassion for someone with a drinking problem. But should they be kept and protected in a (well paying) position of authority? As a Dallas taxpayer, I vote no.

Rumors? You can verify this yourself

You can verify this yourself. However, you already know.


Can you count?

Thank you. I had not seen it before. I did not know that website existed.

I see TWO, which is not good, but I see two DWI's.

Not "multiple," unless using that word in its most literal sense is what you really meant. You could have said TWO, but did not. You said, "OMG," as if there were some salacious material. I see a woman who got popped for two DWI's, successfully completed the probation and has her driver's license. Under DISD rules, she can teach or supervise. She still has her certificates from the state.

There is a small group of "haters" - to use the colloquialism of our youth, who worry too much about one or two people in this district, and yet, seem to ignore the millions wasted in contracts, the incompetent bond constructions, the increase in class sizes, etc....

If you have so much concern for your child, please withdraw them immediately! Save them! Run! Run! Run!

If you really want to clean up Dallas, check and see how many Greiner kids, Booker T. kids and Townview kids actually live in DISD. Worry about how much the district wastes in utilities as classrooms freeze for no other reason than they argue over whose job it is to fix the A/C.

Otherwise, keep harping on this. Show that if anyone makes a mistake, any misstep, no matter what it is, it will be found out. Make sure you allude to it, make sure you use unnamed sources and make sure to exaggerate, as in "multiple" when you mean "two."

That will drive away any competent potential leaders. Why lead or even teach in DISD, when you can not be harangued on a blog in the suburbs? Why develop talent, only to have a few harpies, with way too much time on their hands, make it their life's work to go after one or two people?

Why not be a little Christian for a minute. Go meet this woman. Volunteer to help the school. See if she should be around students. Maybe you shouldn't get in a car with her, but in a school office or cafeteria, I doubt she will run you over. Did it ever occur to you that maybe this woman had problems in the past, that she has dealt with them and is good to go now? No, of course not. You, like a few other "parents" on this blog, just love the drama. Forget what is good or even right, just as long as it is a scandal. Whisper, gossip and snicker. So 1960's Peyton Place.

A multiple can be 2....Can u do math? Oh yeah you work for DISD.

I looked up the word multiple and it can be used as two, as in the case of multiple births includes twins. It can also be an integer, as in the lowest common number that can be multiplied.. either way it can be anything more than one. That is not an exaggeration. You are the one who is wrong.
I find it disturbing that every time anyone from DISD is caught being a non law abiding citizen, the parents are thrown under the bus and told to leave the school.

The fact that I find all of the truth about DISD appalling, and take time to express myself here by blogging, is no reason for people who take pride in being rude and abusive criminals to judge me and blame me for having concern about how the district is placing criminals in positions of administration that could very well cause harm to minors, at the taxpayer expense.

I think the parents deserve to be treated with respect, and this is a tired old example of the consistent and repugnant behavior that is driving DISD into the ground, like I would expect any organization would be doomed if they had uncontrollable drunks in the leadership.
Let's see how long it takes this campus to fall to AU...oh but it is a Magnet so I guess they will just expel any kid who is not a self learner, so the administration will not look bad, not that being a drunk looks real good or anything. How did she get that job?
Most people with that kind of record do not get hired to do dishes in a restaurant, much less school administration.
Remember the Fort Worth principal who was busted in Dallas making a stink over a dress code to enter a night club. She DID endanger her OWN kids by leaving them unattended at the Adlophus while she was out lookin' for a high. Who is to say what we do not really know about these folks. When we find out the bit of evidence we need to dig it up like a trained hound helping the society. At least Ft. Worth ISD has the sense to fire people like that.
In DISD the crime goes unreported to the TEA? That is something in itself!

In short, it is not personal or "drama" JUST BUSINESS.