California Sup Gives Up Salary - Takes Rookie Pay

[Ed Note: This shows me that there are some people, out there, who do it right. The right reason. No hype. Because that's the kind of guy he is. I wonder if our next Sup will do this?]

FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — Some people give back to their community. Then there's Fresno County School Superintendent Larry Powell, who's really giving back. As in $800,000 — what would have been his compensation for the next three years.

Until his term expires in 2015, Powell will run 325 schools and 35 school districts with 195,000 students, all for less than a starting California teacher earns.

"How much do we need to keep accumulating?" asks Powell, 63. "There's no reason for me to keep stockpiling money."

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As far as I know...

"Why is the principal from Tom W. Field, Roslyn Carter, on administrative leave? Did someone finally listen to the teacher and parent complaints about her?"

I agree completely.

Principal has been leave

Principal has been leave since October. Test score investigation.

Sylvia Lopez to Bryan Adams?

Rumor has it that Sylvia Lopez, head of counseling, will be named the new Principal at Bryan Adams very soon. By George, Bryan Adams just can't get a break can they? What will happen to all of Sylvia's cronies, the counseling supervisors? Who will take care of them?

Sylvia Lopez to Bryan Adams?

What happened? Does anyone know? We heard that it had been announced at a principal's meeting and later it was changed. It is no great loss but we would still be interested.


I heard you could not even get in because so many had signed up. Before you talk about the intellectual ability of W.T. White students and condemn their parents, you might pull the stake out of your own eye and evaluate your own intelligence. It's the processes and the implementation of those processes that need revamping. That's an HR issue!

Linden Method Is a SCAM--Don't Fall For Internet Spam Scams!  

Stephanie Elizalde-Avila

Regarding the new Math Director for DISD--Dallas Morning News blogs are reporting that she is not even certified in math. What is the district thinking?

I often wonder about HR

I often wonder about HR decisions. Is there a worse department than HR? Can't be! Campuses needing staff; people waiting on paperwork to be processed (after Labor Day?) before they can be placed on a campus. Questionable certifications of those in charge! There is something wrong with the way hiring decisions are made.

Example - if a job has been

Example - if a job has been filled, is it so difficult to remove it from the postings and waste people's time applying. It's the processes and the implementation of those processes that need revamping. That's an HR issue!

why do you assume its HR's decision

while my time there i saw central higher ups force hr to overlook so many qualificaton requirements or change job postings to make sure their folks got hired...its not always HR's fault sometimes its beyond their control!

Also, I don't take issue

Also, I don't take issue with your comment about hiring decisions being made outside HR. That definitely happens, but the 1960s way paper is processed in the department is what irritates me.

Tom W. Field

Why is the principal from Tom W. Field, Roslyn Carter, on administrative leave? Did someone finally listen to the teacher and parent complaints about her?

Others over teachers/principals

Regina Jones has a Music certification. Donna Micheaux is over all the Area Diectors who are over the Principals in DISD, yet has never been a principal herself! Why is it the Teachers and students are suppose to go by the rules, yet many higher up, aren't qualified to be over anyone !

Can you say charter schools,

Can you say charter schools, private schools, and vouchers!!

Music Degree

Yea, Anita Hardwick also has a degree in "music" and is trying to ruin, excuse me, Run a high school with absolutely no knowledge of curriculum. I understand 70+ teachers from her former school Franklin showed up for a party celebrating her leaving the school. W.T. White is a big mess, faculty is worn out, Hardwick lets the kids control the school, never backs the teachers. She has a little principal intern running behind her like a little puppy dog and spy for her. She is now giving out pink slips to anyone who is late to a faculty meeting, comes in late, or leaves early. I can bet you Orlando Riddick or Joy Barnhart never gave out a pink slip in their entire career. The whole W.T. White faculty is treated like they are 10 years old. CILT members are crying after meetings because they are disgusted at the direction the school is taking, what a shame. Yet Goodsell continues to back Hardwick regardless of what she does. The teachers live in such fear of their jobs all are afraid to talk to anyone. What a sad demise for such a once number one high school in the district. Not anymore.

anita hardwick

I worked with Anita for several years and she was a wonderful principal. She performed at a high level and she expected that same level of performance from her teachers. Perhaps she has had to resort to "giving out pink slips" to encourage everyone to attend meetings on time. I found anita to be fair and open to suggestion. Perhaps if the cilt members are crying, they should resign their positions on that committee and forfeit their stipend. Doubtless they do not want to do that. I also find it implausable that anita would be intentionally driving the school into the ground. As for discipline, even as an elementary principal she was very intolerant of behavior that disrupted a learning environment or that put the safety of staff or students in question. If so many teachers are so unhappy, why didn't they put in for a transfer when they had the opportunity? Think about what anita is asking you to do and why she might be asking you to do it that way. If she messes it up, they will replace her.

The intellectual ability of W.T. White's student population as well as their lack of motivation and lack of parental emphasis on education is the sole reason for W.T. White's demise. the school was headed south long before anita got there.

To others who write about other topics on this blog: Take a basic composition class at a community college! The grammer renders the writers rant incomprehensible as well as unreadable. This kills any sympathy that the reader might have for the writer and makes the writer appear learning disabled.

Giving "grammar" lessons

Yes, the word is spelled "grammar" - not the way you misspelled it! Maybe the community college has a grammar class.

[Ed Note: Yes! They even serve grammar crackers there!]

I thought that was pre school

That non person must still attend that class, when they have not yet covered the upper case verses lower case alphabet chapter.

Say What?

Yes, it is pretty basic knowledge to start "names" with a capital letter and CILT, an acronym with a capital. Perhaps the writer knows "Anita" so well that she does not have to start her name with a capital letter. But you can surely bet, everyone on this blog is running out right now to register for that basic composition class you recommended. I heard you could not even get in because so many had signed up. Before you talk about the intellectual ability of W.T. White students and condemn their parents, you might pull the stake out of your own eye and evaluate your own intelligence.

Now there's the kettle talking! Are you on pot?

"Take a basic composition class at a community college!"

A statement from a non person who neglects to use capital letters correctly.

First note that you are appearing to be learning disabled, not to mention incredible.
That killed any thought that you are even, or could possibly be intelligent. What could you suggest?
Really, what do you know at all?

Thanks for admitting YOU are a paid the DISD blogger.

Thanks for admitting YOU are a paid the DISD blogger.


Nope the joke is not that funny.
What is a paid the DISD blogger? I do pay taxes to DISD and get nothing in return. Is that what you are referring to?
I am not dumb enough to work for DISD. SORRY NOT ME

Anonymous are you a paid the ISD blogger?

Anonymous .You have no idea what you are talking about the pink slips are orange. Are you a Dallas Independent School District Administrator, you sound like one and? What Dallas I.S.D. is doing is hiring inexperienced people and eliminating employees with experience that have been loyal to the district for 15 to 30 years or more. This is an example of bad leadership and a bad employer!

Carla Ranger

Speaking for myself, I am very glad that Carla Ranger has decided to stay on the DISD Board. We need someone that will speak up instead of a bunch of Hinojosa "yes" people. It seemed that whatever he wanted, he got. He leaves and things do not seem to be changing. A lot of the people that he put in place are still where he put them.

[Ed Note: Yay Carla! But we're still going to insist that she give at least HALF of her board salary back to the District. Come to think of it, she should give it ALL back!! :) ]

Editor's note we all know you're one of the "YES" people. Allan

Editor's note we all know you're one of the yes people I don't know what happened to you, I guess you now have to check with the D.I.S.D. administration before you can post something.
I am also very glad that Carla Ranger has decided to stay on the D.I.S.D. Board. Otherwise it would be nobody to point out the obvious errors.
You don't really know what a D.I.S.D. board member gets paid.

[Ed Note: YES!]

Si n you're Ed 2 U

Allen is a positive kinda guy...What would you expect?

My question is waz zup wid the pokemon guy. He looks like meowth, but acts like a moron, wanting to spend all that legal budget on Fatcat West to fire the unplaced teachers? Is that why his name is Morath?

[Ed Note: I mean: "Si!" :) Sorry I'm so asleep at the wheel. I'm back in school again and my time is virtually nil. But I'll be back as I adjust to the new schedule.]

Ain't that the truth

I often wonder what they really make, and who is providing it for what.

[Ed Note: Actually, I believe it is State law: they make nothing. It's a blessing and a curse. We should open this can of worms sometime.]

Carla Ranger

Dear Editor: I had no idea that Board Members received
monetary compensation for their service--the tax payer is being short changed!

[Ed Note: Bingo! (they don't... just wanted to see if anyone was paying attention) Gotta have some fun with this blog from time to time!]

how disgusting it is getting

Ok. We have a person from the hollowhead neighborhood dissing a south Dallas Trustee and FYI this is not the first "slip" that shows his colors. This clown never sent his kids to the schools he is so willing to unfund and redirect, albeit legally.
I was disgusted to learn that Mr. McNaughty works in a Law Firm for his day job. It is no surprise what his interests are.... not the community, for sure.

That's why he wants lawyers to continue to make outrageous and unnecessary income off the taxpayer, while the Trustee from District3 names this outsider to "represent" our interests.

If this is not the best reason to have Trustees at large, like in LISD, I cannot imagine another reason to continue having the Gerrymandered lawyer produced garbage that Mr. McNaughty bullies and gets done for his friends of the PAC.

How dare he! I have had it! I want a public statement of how the children have no AC and other things before this garbage. I want a statement of the time Mr. McNaughty ever goes to east Dallas or south Dallas. I want reasonable people, not Bruce's Henchman political PAC boss.

Michael MacNaughton
5:22 PM on 8/31/2011
wimps - I want to hear a public statement as to her reasons and actions. She owes that to the board, the public and her constituents. And by her constituents I don't mean the Lone Ranger's usual posse.
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7:03 PM on 8/31/2011
Have you and I been watching the same board? .... the same redistricting process?
Do you really not see any reason for frustrations that could lead to a resignation?
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9:01 PM on 8/31/2011
Can't say that I agree. They have had their little spat, played their games, the world didn't end, so now let's get to the business of getting this district back on it's feet.
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9:20 PM on 8/31/2011
Name her little posse that you are referring to. When you are elected to the board, you can make those demands.
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Michael MacNaughton
11:31 PM on 8/31/2011
Bill, Carla's frustrations had NOTHING to do with redistricting or voter representation and EVERYTHING to do with her personal squabble with Lew. At the redistricting meetings I attended there was not ONE issue about voter representation raised. But lots of talk about school attendance zones...two very different subjects.

Cheeto, she's a public servant. I'm the public, she's the servant. She CHOSE to run for office to serve the community. If she believes in transparency then she has an obligation to explain her position and actions.

Miss Daisy, I can make reasonable demands of a public servant because, well, because I'm the public and they're the servant. From now on every decision Carla makes will have a cloud hanging over it. That's the shame of not clearing the air.
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6:54 AM on 9/1/2011
One's true color always comes out. Really Miss Daisy.
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Michael MacNaughton
7:44 AM on 9/1/2011
Ahhh, Miss Dallas/Miss Daisy, whatever. Finally playing the race card? That didn't take long.

A real deal star!

KUDOS to this man! One thing that is for sure in DISD that the BoT will continue to use lawyers to do the common job of cheating the kids in all ways possible! Did you see the Bill Betzen blog about how the DISD uses 3 highly paid lawyers to cheat the community out of appropriate representation? They gave the proven incompetent Piled High and Deep, do not say that color, burner, the where he sometimes leaves his wife GP resident, the neighborhood that he ran into the ground and was proven to mismanage before the TEA actually did something(shock). No wonder DeSoto hired a confirmed cheater...She was not that bad, when all things were considered.
At least the former ROCK STAR has gone to the corny cobb wannabes. Did you see his latest music video the Cobb County District spent their taxpayer funds on?
Ed, I tried to read the rest, but the link did not work....

Schools need to understand they are in the Service to educate our society, not the education business. The job needs to be done economically and efficiently, and the endless funds for the contractors and the evil doing that continues, needs to be cut now!
The people in DISD, with possibly a few exceptions, would never make it in the real world of business. They would be put in jail or have a contracted hit on that nasty behavior. But we know that the kids will never mind, and the uneducated DISD parents do not care. As long as the numbers seem all right......AYP is not something that matters!