Budget 5.0 questions

As I peruse the newest version of the DISD budget I noticed something interesting. On page 24, on the items in 6200 contractor and other services there is a decrease of 4.86% or $7,215,358. On page 25 you see the largest expense after payroll is 11.88% in 2010 for contractors. On page 26 it is 12.17% for 2011-2012.
So we are paying a larger percentage to contractors going into the next budget.
On page 27-8 we are paying 6,407,000 for legal fees. In 2006-2007, the district paid lawyers $6,070,180, and now after great reductions and RIFs for several years, we are paying even more to the Lawyer friends. There is a $400,000+ increase since 5 years ago. (Ed what are the more recent numbers?) Why is that acceptable? What is so necessary that needs to be defended at the taxpayer expense? I think this is really criminal. It is justified and legalized cheating.

On page 28 we are paying only $2,209,704 for HVAC, $256,053 for safety/security. I understand these are items that are directly affective to the students, and there are obvious issues with the HVAC and safety, that the school district refuses to correct or address. The superintendent has made it clear that safety is not something they are willing to address. The children are being abused in classrooms and the DISD staff are not doing anything about it. I guess that is the price we need to pay so the crimes are legal and defended.




DISD just approved a budget that includes a tax-rate hike--are they nuts? With recent reports in the Dallas Morning News of millions wasted on fancy hotels, over-priced meals,etc., why aren't the tax paying public allowed the opportunity to see that a change is really going to take place? First let us see that you the DISD can actually manage money, and then let US decide.

check book review

So I noticed the DISD pays Hyatt Legal Plans a monthly $17,000 for the opportunity to save, with a discount rate of $6.4 million a year, to perpetrate vicious legal crimes against children contracting Fisher and Phillips LLP over $1 million a year.

That recent addition of Legal aid contractor includes and proudly assigns the mucus dripping Diana Bowen be a lieyer and disease spreading unethical slime at the taxpayer expense. She is so proud to have perpetrated her green snot dripping actions on me, she lists it on her accomplishments.

We all know THAT is important to pay for, since the school has unlimited funds to spend and needs to be at the top of the list of all the schools at something.

Mr. King, please make them stop spreading the snot at the taxpayer expense.She cost the district over $100,000 to save $9000, and she is so proud to do so. I have all the documents, and will stand behind anything I post, so lieyer girl, find the time to bill more for O.B., and let the public really see you for the bugger shooting snotty scum you are.

I was so grossed out by the nasty thing with her isavage android. She was chugging cough syrup like a drug addict junkie, all while she was pregnant. Then she found reason to blame me for calling off a meeting because I had the flu. This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my entire life.
But we know it is necessary to chase the kids with autism away. Otherwise the administration would have to educate them or something.

Hard to imagine,how to spend so much?

When it came to my attention that State Senator Royce West is billing the DISD for $3.1 million, I was curious how the lucrative friends of the administration are so busy making the laws in Austin that are securing the legality of the high expense luxuriation commonly practiced by the hinyhosos et al, and still have all the time to bill so much?
How is it that our legislators from the jackass/{oops sorry} mule side who need the schools to have more money, are willing to defend the evil "not a crime" actions? Why are there so many rich people being paid by the taxpayer, needing to spend all the money on not educating the children?
Wouldn't you think that a prominent and elected representative of the community would be interested in raising the community? Just think if he offered his community a bit of service for all that cash we the taxpayers of Texas pay him. Does he volunteer anything at all? He should figure a way to provide legal assistance at no cost to the taxpayer, if he was the least bit ethical. He needs to understand how much he is destroying his community without regard. If that money was there to actually evaluate and educate the people in South Dallas, the problems would solve themselves. But he has nothing to profit in the betterment of his community, so that is a stupid idea, huh?

oh that's how it is done


It is no secret he makes the laws to legitimize his abuse of us.

Hyatt Legal Plans - DISD

Hyatt Legal Plans is an employee deduction that DISD is just transferring after the money is deducted from the DISD employees' checks. There are many such deductions shown in the check register.

More budget questions

Even the Mavs winning last night couldn't out shine this story

It states that the higher functioning 1% of the elite children will be allowed more teachers than the average 99% in the other schools. They have unlimited funds to pay lawyers when the parents of special needs kids want their children included or treated like human.

"One major difference separated Thursday’s $90 million proposal and one of the same amount last month. At the urging of trustees and students, the latest version would not cut as many teachers at vanguards and academies. Stipends and salaries of some noncampus employees would be cut to allow for the additional teachers."

"Trustee Edwin Flores also expressed doubt that DISD could find ways to cut more from legal costs, saying that “we exceed it by a lot year after year after year.”"
Like no kidding.... the worthless administration who do not know how to educate our children are willing and able to cut staff, but they have unlimited budget(as in exceeds it) to spend on legal services. I have a garage full of papers showing the ways the lawyers contracted for $6.4 million per year, could not spend money, but "the district" wants to and are paying outrageous amounts to defend the authority of the evil administration to not offer appropriate education to the children whose parents are not vocal, and who are in areas outside of Edwin Flores' area. Eddie, are you able to understand that the district is not only your area?
It would be wise to pay intelligent, caring people to do the job of appropriate education, but we know that the lawyers are necessary because there are no intelligent people administrating education in the non magnet and Vangard academies. Therefore, hiring sufficient numbers of teachers for the non elite schools is foolish because the district will and can use unlimited funds to not educate them, and that is that!

Conflict of interest? More questions



Why does a lawyer need to have laws explained? I this trustee trust-able?
Eddie, why do you need to have the taxpayer pay your friends to understand? We can understand things without all that "education", so what is your issue? Do you need the taxpayer to wipe your behind, too?
Seriously, how long is this going to continue?

Outside the box... but

I noticed the Lawyer, State Senator Davis put on a big show the other day in Austin, wanting us to increase the funds so her associates will be assured large taxpayer funds to be spent on their antics. If she is so interested in helping the schools, I suggest she donate $6.4 million of pro bono legal service to the school districts, since it is so necessary and important.
Oh, but I guess that won't help the lawyers much..... and we know the kids are not really the topic, are they.

Budget 5.0

It is perplexing to read comments such as the recent opining of a "mom of 2", who makes a very serious charge, that "children are being abused in classrooms and DISD staff are not doing anything about it". The comment appears as almost a casual manner, much like a final parting shot in a blog that primarily questions examples of fiscal irresponsibility on the part of the district (which, I believe, are all points well taken and certainly warrant concern, if not outrage on the part of taxpayers).

However, I question the leveling of a non-specific charge of abuse in this context. If I believed that were true, also speaking as a mother of two who are products of the Dallas public school system (as am I), I would leave no stone unturned to bring this allegation to the attention of the Board of Trustees, the DISD Police Dept. and the Dallas Police Department - after filing a formal complaint against the administrators and staff members alleged to have committed this crime against minors. Those of us who love our work and treasure the opportunity to work with young people respect the rights and truly value, above all else, the wellbeing of the children left in our charge. We do, as we must, take "in parentis loco" (the legal responsibility to act "in the place of parents" to protect students while in our care) seriously. These students are literally left in our care from the time they set foot on campus and that responsibility extends until their physical departure from the school grounds. We are bound by law, by our humanity and by a very real commitment to all of these students, to fulfill our legal obligation to serve as custodians of their care, ensuring their safety and well-being while at school. We are charged, by law, with the responsibility to take great care to ensure that such violations are immediately reported and do not rest until resolution of the claim is reached or removal of the offender takes place - post haste. This is not optional and if someone has committed such an act, it is never ok to "look the other way" and it is unthinkable that it be taken lightly.

If this blogger is serious about her claim of abuse, I would strongly encourage her to, at the very least, perform her legal responsibility in the State of Texas. That is, to report "even a suspicion of abuse committed against a child" by calling the Child Abuse Hotline, Child Protective Services and officials within the DISD immediately. I hope this was not a serious accusation, as it was leveled in this format in a somewhat cavalier manner - perhaps to draw attention to the readily apparent fiscal inequities that unquestionably do exist in this school district, much to the dismay and unremitting embarrassment of myself and my fellow staff members.

look at the news if you really are interested

To be specific, please note the recent news reports of children/aka teenagers being beaten in geometry class, or the special needs child that was tied to his chair by 4 other students and nearly suffocated with tape over his mouth and nose, while the teacher stood idly by and a girl released him. http://www.dallasnews.com/news/community-news/dallas/headlines/20110521-...
I have tried to bring to light. Just ask CPS when they were contacted by the teacher, anonymously, to retaliate against me for speaking up. At the school that is proud to have less than 30% of the 5th grade students actually be ready to move on to middle school, the staff was ready and able to lie under oath at Due Process, and that is why we, the taxpayers are spending over $6 million dollars to contract attorneys to defend the actions I did see and did bring to the Attorney General.
I eventually took my claim to the State Legislature, and the result was what you are now seeing. They are taking away the opportunity, funds, but as the Governor stated, they are not telling you all to rid yourselves of the teachers and staff, but of the needless administration that will and did spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to contract attorneys to fight me because they KNOW they are evil and vicious criminals. They spent hundreds of hours of staff time to fight me as well. I will not waste any more time with this, as I an sure it is acceptable for the children to be beaten while the teacher watches. I know that.
The state of Texas allows for you to sit on kids and crush them to death as well, without any sort of liability or punishment. This is the fact. http://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Area-Special-Ed-Teacher-Suspende... it quotes "She was never charged with a crime in Texas, so nothing showed up on a background check, school officials said. The school system is now investigating whether or not the teacher was forthcoming on her application, which asked if she'd ever been investigated for child abuse."
You need to understand that the news reports this and there is nothing done. If I do the DISD will retaliate, as they did. My children were in the path of this evil, so we moved away. I tried to have ARDs, and after 50 hours the school only created bogus documents.
You all have lawyers to defend you. I have nothing but a tax bill to pay.

You Post" We do, as we must, take "in parentis loco" (the legal responsibility to act "in the place of parents" to protect students while in our care) seriously. These students are literally left in our care from the time they set foot on campus as you state,"
Please tell the people who are on You Tube letting kids be beaten and abused every day in DISD schools. You are only one, but you all are guilty unless you defend the children from your own. You are all in it together. Enough said. BTW CPS expects the DISD to abuse children, as I was told. They know what you are all about.


DISD believes contracting out work is the best way to go, of course we know different. It looks good on paper but in the long run this cost's taxpayer's even more money. Writing of contracts is so loose that contractors get away with murder so to speak. They will say well that was not in the contract are our scope of work. District lawyers are paid to look over these contract's. I guess they have something better to do with their time.
So then work doesn't get completed. Job's get signed off on and disd workers have to fix whatever is not working. Oh but wait we don't have the man power to do that so we will find another contractor to do the job which means another budget is used. Like I said looks good on paper.