HR director gets 22 % raise!

It is almost comical that HR director Claudia Rodruguez gets a 22%, or $ 32,000 a year raise just months before layoffs and financial troubles are announced.Something doesnt add up.Hummmm....leaves the mind to wonder how that could happen and why Hineyjosa would suggest this.No experience in HR and a track record of problems wherever she has been.Maybe het child wont get a free ride to Harvard!

The Called for teacher sickout day for February 29, 2012

The school district it is already planning to retaliate against teachers that get sick on the 29th. A better solution would be all teachers take the remainder of their sick days randomly to the end of the year all teachers should use up all the days left for this year so they could not tell who is protesting and who is legitimately sick. The result would be much more effective they could not hire enough substitutes. Being sick of the Dallas school board does not count. LOL Just call it passive aggressive.
PS I know many teachers would catch up on grading they missed out while going to those daily meetings or duty that will be scheduled during that 45 minute time extension. Friday or Monday would be great days to use!!!!!!!!!!! I see the sweat running down the school board and administrators face is now.


It's a shame that a reolution can't be reached with flexibility on both sides

Claudia Rodriguez Resigns

Not anymore. Claudia Rodriguez just submitted her resignation effective today. Anyone have any idea why?

I was told it was regarding

I was told it was regarding the "DO NOT HIRE LIST" that is illegal as well as responding to the board member by firing the teacher who sent the email without any due process and possibly opening a can of worms. That was not the first time that Flores has had someone fired based on made up threats. That is just a way to quickly fire someone without going through the process as laid out in the board policy. If the "DO NOT HIRE LIST" is illegal, then will they take that label out of the computer and allow those who were labeled to return? Claudia was not the author of this policy, but got kicked under the bus when it was taken to the media. Grievance hearings need to be televised like the City Council meeting, then you would see a better and fairer DISD. Mr. Flores knew exactly what he was doing, he's a lawyer and is skilled in persuasion.

Claudia Rodriguez

I have nothing against the woman but during a time of mass lay-offs and cuts everywhere, why would this person be hired to a position that was going to be dissolved when the former person in this position moved to Houston ISD? Where is the Board while all this is taking place? We saw the names of over 700 people listed as taking the incentive package; where are the "not needed, useless folks from the Administration Building." They do nothing more than make large salaries and drink coffee all day.

Claudia Rodriguez

It's who your married to and their ties to the top brass. She may not get another raise this coming school year but it will happen in some form are another.

22 % raise ? this is too

22 % raise ? this is too much :o

Claudia Rodriguez

Are we talking about Caryn Paige Collins Marsh, Director of Student Services? She needs to be back in the schools actually working! Daughter of Robbie Collins, she literally went straight to the Administration Building to a "plum of a job" without the experience of a classroom or actually dealing with students.

HR Director

HR Director no more. As of yesterday April 4, Claudia Rodriguez was promoted to Chief of Staff. Read DallasISD eNews. Building the empire to one day be new Superintendent of Schools. What kind of raise will this one be?


why is she getting a raise??? Don't they know this is a teacher's salary. this is irresponsible!!!