Lost Society Bar Owner Harasses Activist


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Fernando Rosales indicted for felonyAvi Adelman is no stranger to controversy when it comes to bars on Lower Greenville Avenue. One of his recent targets has been the Lost Society Bar at 2008 Greenville.

Adelman's wife was surprised, Sunday, to answer the door to find Lost Society owner Fernando Rosales, who is currently under indictment for a felony (click "Search by Case Number"), standing on her doorstep delivering a letter for her husband.

Attached to the letter was a handwritten Post-It note reading: "8:30 AM, 12/13/10, Merry Christmas."

Rosales was arrested in June for making false statements on government documents. He was jailed again in September after missing a court hearing.

Rosales is upset with how the bar has been portrayed on Adelman's website.

Rosales has also filed a lawsuit against Adelman alleging libel and defamation.

Lost Society hit Adelman's radar in June after two of the bar's patrons became involved in a fight at a nearby restaurant. One of the men produced a gun and fired multiple shots at the other. The victim died later at Baylor Hospital.

Later that month, a man claiming to be the bar's owner, Brightman Nwatu, was jailed by Dallas Police and ICE officers on multiple charges. Nwatu is currently in an immigration detention facility awaiting deportation as an illegal immigrant.

Last year, Nwatu and Rosales were sued by a female employee alleging sexual and physical abuse at the hands of Nwatu.

Rosales is represented by local lawyer Jesus Armando Miranda.

State Bar of Texas records indicate that Miranda's law license was suspended on November 1, 2010 for one year.

The Texas Bar Journal reported Miranda was disciplined for his treatment of two clients as well as client money management issues.

According to the State Bar of Texas disciplinary counsel office, Miranda can continue to practice law while on suspension.

As far as Rosales is concerned, his case is set to go to trial on February 14. Records reflect that Miranda is his attorney in the criminal case as well the lawsuit against Adelman.

Rosales is presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

Miranda did not reply to multiple emails seeking comment.

UPDATE: 12/17/2010

The law firm of Vinson and Elkins has assumed the role of defense counsel for Avi Adelman. Though neither the firm or Adelman will comment, it is likely Adelman will present a vigorous defense.

Lower Greenville

You move to a neighborhood right next to a street filled with bars, restaurants and live music venues that is popular with young adults. Gee, Avi, what did you expect was going to happen? Get a grip, the world doesn't revolve around you.

Let's see.... If you don't

Let's see.... If you don't police yourselves, someone else is going to do it for you. And quite frankly, there is a lot of undesirable behavior that is either condoned or ignored by the bar owners. I understand that they need to make money but they've not historically been what one would call "good" neighbors either.

What I've personally seen on Lower Greenville:

Bar patrons outside urinating and defecating in people's yards, behind dumpsters, etc.

Now, excuse me, but this is America. We are not some third world country. We have standards of hygiene here along with indoor plumbing. To my knowledge, it has not been necessary to go outside to "take care of business" in Dallas, Texas for about 100 years. As far as I am aware, the only things allowed to urinate and defecate in public are pets, and even then it has to be cleaned up per Dallas City Ordinances. Stop for a moment and ask yourself why.

Why did we all go to the concept of the "sanitary bathroom" in the early 1900's? Well, because it's SANITARY. It keeps people from becoming ill. If you'd like, I'm sure that we can get you a ticket to some backwater where they still have open sewers, if that makes you happy. Of course, these are places where cholera and dysentery are still common, too.

Bar patrons parking in resident's driveways, blocking driveways, and generally taking up every available spot for blocks and blocks.

How would you like to come home from work and have no where to park because some drunkard has seen fit to either pull into your driveway or park across it so that they block it? Or not be able to have a birthday party or any kind of a family gathering because there's no where for any of your friends or family to park?

People having sex on someone's lawn.

I don't know how you feel about people "doing the deed" in YOUR yard but finding used condoms in one's shrubbery is certainly cause for alarm - given the transmission of several diseases via this route. Never mind having children witness such things by doing nothing other than looking out the window because they heard a noise.

As nearly as I can tell, none of the bar owners themselves have anything to discourage any of this behavior. Since the bar owners aren't discouraging it, the task of dealing with it has fallen to the community residents to try to uphold some sort of sanity and sanitation.

What should bar owners do? IMHO, in no particular order...

Buy some property and put in a parking garage
Shuttles to/from Mockingbird Station or other public transit location
Valet Park their customers
Ban anyone caught urinating outdoors
Ban anyone caught defecating outdoors
Ban anyone caught having sex in public
Make the ban lists LG-wide

Ban a few and the rest will take notice.

Has the BarkingDog been muzzled ???

It seems Avi has stopped publishing anything anywhere near conterversial. Has this lawsuit fianlly muzzled the BarkingDog. (God, I hope not) Hopefully he will respond & bring us up to date on this & why he has slowed down it seems. I am sure there had to be something that went on with the St Paddys day parade & Drunk Corral that he could have told us about. Come on Avi, some of us actually enjoy your writings.

[Ed Note: No, he's just overwhelmed at the office.]


Can't wait to see this play out (munching popcorn).

[Ed Note: Yeah, it has the makings of a good soap opera with a little bit of gaslight sleaze! Rosales has a pretrial hearing coming up late this month, and a trial date scheduled for Valentine's day.]

May be over before it begins.....

I am worried this thing could be over before it generates anymore good gossip fodder. I am afraid Rosales will be found guilty (Which we all know he is as Guilty as Sin) and will be DEPORTED, LOCKED UP or otherwise taken out of this. Then this whole thing would fizzle out before it even gets out of the starting blocks.

I love when Avi is in a Scrap because he fights like a junkyard Dog, a Cornered Rat or whatever you want. Bottom Line, he fights HARD like there is no tomorrow for his beliefs and I respect him for that.

Good Luck Avi, we look forward to you & others keeping us posted on the latest.

[Ed Note: My money is on Rosales getting deferred adjudication for some lesser charge. He's a citizen so he's not going anywhere.]

The Wrong Soprano

Avi "messed with the wrong guy" because, unlike most of the bar-owners, this one's a young, violent, felon who's seen too many episodes of The Sopranos.

[Ed Note: Yeah, right :) His business acumen doesn't strike me as anything approaching "The Sopranos."]

Not a GOOD Soprano

That's because the Sopranos was just a TV show.

For a real look at how gangsters work - look to the real guy on the real street with a real gun who's really shaking down a real community activist.

[Ed Note: This "soprano" doesn't have a background as a "violent felon." But being under indictment for a felony, he should probably be careful when it comes to firearms. You never know when you're going to be stopped and searched because of veiled statements posted on a website--no matter how anonymous you think you might be.]


With so many time in jail and so many charges around him his case seems to be a complicated one. As per the above information the trial was on the 14th of this month. Please do update us on the results of the trial.

[Ed Note: It was reset to the 28th]

Avi messed with the wrong

Avi messed with the wrong guy! Rosales is going to take him to the cleaners. You do not mess with this man. "Merry Christmas," love it!

[Ed Note: Don't rush to judgment. RCFP hired a huge law firm to take Avi's case pro-bono.

At the very least it's going to make the case more expensive to pursue.

You also can't rule out the possibility that Avi's lawyers will go after Rosales for sanctions. Add to this the possibility that they may discover something that will help the criminal case and Avi has turned this into a very risky venture for Rosales.

I've always said: once somebody lets the genie out of the bottle by filing a lawsuit, it's pretty hard to put it back in. Anyway, we'll see how this will all play out. One thing is for sure: it's going to be interesting!]

"the wrong guy?"

Why are you so positive Rosales is the 'wrong guy' to mess with?? Being a bar operator on Greenville Avenue does not take much sense to begin with, so how much of a threat is he except to himself? When you see he is open only a few nights a week, you really begin to wonder where his money is coming from - maybe those guys are the ones to be worried about (since Rosales is just a front guy)?

If I was in this mess, I would be more worried about the guy being deported - he may send me an offer from a Nigerian cafe that is too good to pass up.

Wrong Guy

The reason I'm so sure he is the "wrong guy" is because he does not go down without a fight. He is a smart guy with smart people all around him. Why do you care where his money comes from anyway? A lot of bars/clubs are only open on the weekends. Also, you have no right to put anyone's choice of profession down. It's so easy to knock on someone from the outside looking in, but most people have no idea how hard it is to run your own business. He is a good, hard working man, and I know without a doubt he will be successful at any endeavor he chooses. This will be his greatest revenge. “Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall."

[Ed Note: I have to agree with you. It is an accomplishment owning and operating a respectable business--whatever it is--bars included. As far as the rest of your point, I don't know how smart it is to file lawsuits that will likely get tossed as harassment and could well cost a lawyer, who is already in trouble, his law license. We'll also see how smart the guy is when his criminal trial comes up.]

False Title

Typical Gwinn. I would hardly call the lawsuit against Avi as harassment. What Avi does to the bar owners on LG is harassment. Rosales is just holding Avi accountable for his made-up news. Granted, Avi has some valid complaints and raises some important issues, but what Avi writes, throwing in false information, making assumptions, etc is harassment. Avi has absolutely no credibility and aparantly Gwinn doesn't either.

[Ed Note: Obviously Gwinn has enough credibility to make you come (1) read his website and (2) post an inane response.]