Hidden Tracking Devices

So does anyone wonder why the employees of Dallas Independent School District not trust the head brass? Well here is one reason, case in point. On Wednesday 12/01/10 between the hours of 4:00 PM and Thursday 12/02/10 7:00 AM a GPS Tracking Device was installed on a district maintenance vehicle without the drivers knowledge. This driver was singled out for some unknown reason we may find out later on, but for now it is not clear. A check of other maintenance vehicles did not turn up these devices. Tracking Device is clearly visible since it is mounted on the windshield inside by the inspection sticker. This device is small enough that it could be overlooked if other items are sitting on the dash.

This poses several questions of how did this device become installed in the district vehicle, who knew about it and who supplied the vehicle key without the drivers knowledge. Don't get me wrong I am in favor of knowing where my vehicles are if I am in business but to install a device and not tell the driver is just plain wrong.

Now the answers to the questions, who knew are who authorized this covert operation. Well too start the Executive Director of Maintenance with the initials J.F. would be one, the other Director of Maintenance with the initials P.G. another. How were keys to the vehicle obtained, through the District's Fleet Maintenance Department.

Others I am sure are involved but these person's have not come to light during this post, but as they do you will read about it here.

Have a good evening.

[Ed Note: Well, technically, they can legally do whatever they want as long as they own the vehicle. As a taxpayer and someone who snoops around at DISD, I wish they had GPS tracking devices in all District vehicles! But I agree with you: they should give people the "heads up" and not be sneaky about it.]

Latest Performance Pay Debacle

I'm just wondering how widespread the latest issue of teachers of not being paid their performance pay is? Apparently, it's being claimed that paperwork wasn't turned in by principals, & as a result, many teachers have not been paid after fullfilling every requirement. As a teacher affected by this issue, I find it interesting that the teachers are having to try & dig up paperwork that the schools should have had in one place, but somehow or another it is missing? Is there any sort of recourse for teachers who are unable to get hold of that paperwork? Or was it all for nothing? It's an interesting issue, because teachers have never been the responsible party for turning in PDAS evaluations since the inception of the pay for performance program.

DISD Vehicle at Drug House

As a person who has reported a DISD maintenance vehicle parked at a known drug house last year, I'm glad to know there is a tracking device. My taxpayer dollars at work! Thanks DISD.

[Ed Note: Ooh! Do tell! You didn't happen to get a license or a vehicle number--as well as the address of the "drug house" where it was parked?]

Yes, I did. The license

Yes, I did. The license plate/vehicle number were both turned in to DISD Facilities Services and the employee was terminated. A few months later the house was raided by DPD and boarded up. It's important to follow-up on these kinds of issues, hold people accountable (district and police department), and not just sit back and complain. Thanks.

[Ed Note: Excellent! Next time you are involved in something like that, please tell us so we can give it the publicity it deserves. We'd have published the guy's name, mugshot, etc. We love catching public servants doing bad things.]

This is how NAZI America begins.

It's starts with Napolitano telling citizens to turn each other in.

Remember what I told you about FEMA camps? They do Exist.

The Germans who sicked the authorities on their neighbors knew very well what the consequences for the victims would be – families torn apart, torture and internment in concentration camps, and ultimately in many cases death – but they still did it with few qualms because the rewards of financial bounties and mere convenience were deemed more important to them.

This strikes at the root of the selfish and childish urges the government is trying to manipulate in getting people to report on their fellow Americans. The self-important feeling of being listened to, ascribed some temporary sense of authority, and the cult-like pavlovian reward of being metaphorically patted on the head by someone in a uniform, are all tendencies such campaigns play on.

This is proof that we are rapidly becoming a police state.

The Government has issue with wiki leaks. Well we should say the same thing the authorities say to us when they violate our privacy rights.

"If you don't have anything to hide then you don't have anything to worry about."

[Ed Note: Ron. It's a taxpayer-owned car. He has no "right" to privacy! If he wanted that, he'd drive his own car! Oh. But it's legal to track you with your own cell phone now. Never mind.

Did you read about the WalMart campaign?]