DISD Fires IT Chief

Sources inside DISD have confirmed that DISD Information Technology Chief Patricia Viramontes was fired this morning and escorted from the building by DISD police.

Patricia is the wife of DISD Chief of Staff Arnold Viramontes and raised eyebrows when she was hired for the top I.T. spot.

No other details were immediately available, but an employee who answered her telephone extension referred all questions to DISD spokesman Jon Dahlander. Dahlander has not responded.


pat viramontes

could we have a full disclosure of the reason for patricia's firing. the public deserves to know if the school district is continuing its practice of losing funds. will the superintendent rif more employees again for his lack of supervision and nepotism practices. it is tax payers' moneys that the district is playing with; this is not a private matter. report what should be made known to the tax payers.

[Ed Note: It is a personnel matter and is protected by law. It had nothing to do with nepotism. It had nothing to do with dishonesty.]

Inside information on Patty

1. The powers that be were planning on dismissing her back in the spring.

2. The district uses two (of several) applications, Oracle and Chancery. Based on the audit that was conducted, the district is not getting full use of the oracle application, but is "paying" for full usage. The district is only using about 30% of oracle's resources but it capable of much more. The district personnel over this department wasted district money because she did not follow up and ensure that the resources this application is capable of were being utilized.

3. Bottom line, the AUDIT also uncovered that the IT department was poorly managed under this person's watch.

All I have for now...

[Ed Note: I don't believe the District even has any Oracle gurus on the payroll do they? I know Ruben's original plan (ooh, there's that name again) was to hire a good Oracle scripting team and transform that department. But I agree with you: it wasn't going to happen on Patricia's watch. Ironically, it might have happened on Arnie's watch.]

What did you expect?

She listed Chief Information Officer of a two-person "company" on her resume with a straight face. She should never have even been interviewed for the job, let alone hired.

What I don't understand is, how does Arnie keep working for a place that fired his wife? I couldn't - of course, I would never even consider applying to the same place my wife worked so it wouldn't be an issue.

[Ed Note: Word on the street is that there may be some more high-profile job cuts. Soon.]


Isn't it ironic that this information is not available from my campus, yet when I went to yahoo images today (DURING MY LUNCH (time-clock Nazis relax)) I was presented with an image of a group of young girls putting a condom on an anatomically correct male body part!

I'm wondering if anyone is interested in joining in a class-action against the district for the emotional and psychological trauma this has caused us to endure.?..?...?....

[Ed Note: I think that is the new elementary education material from the Department of Health and Human Services!]

Isn't it interesting that

Isn't it interesting that you have to justify when you are looking something up and clarify that you are on your lunch break do you don't receive any backlash???

Blocked site

thought you readers would want to know that this site has been blocked by the district. I'm at Lunch and just thought I would look to see what the latest was on this firing and When you type in the site...guess what it rerouted it back to DISD webpage. I went to my blackberry to post thi tidbit. the interesting thing is when the teachers were riffed..it's ok for our stuff to be all over this page and we could access the site. Now viramontes is gone and access is blocked. This reeks of communist behavior.

[Ed Note: We're looking into it. Please be sure you're typing the correct URL (http://www.dallas.org).]


Yes, indeed, the district has blocked this site. It does boot you back to the DISD site. Our internet policy is so controlled now, that virtually any site comes up as prohibited by usage policy, such as CNN! (Pop-ups are supposed to be to blame). Just good luck in trying to do any type of research. This is ridiculous! Big Brother is in the house!

we will see

gonna try again today to see if it is still blocked...trust...she or her husband or their best friend made sure we could not access it yesterday....DISD has some communism type policies

Blocked site...follow up

trust me...your site is bookmarked in my blackberry and my personal laptop which I always have with me. I tried and had several colleagues try from their machines...we all got the same results. None of us could pull up your website from our computers period.

Several of us go to lunch at the same time and none...I repeat...none of us could access your site today.

I even waited until school was over and it still reroutes back to the DISD website. Here is another piece of information:

if you pull up a website that is blocked by the district filter, you normally get a message: This site violates your districts network policy...blah blah blah...and then you can click a link that allows you to send the site for evaluation.

Trust me on this...my students are required to do a lot of research and we have run into a lot of roadblocks with legitimate sites.

We didn't get that at all...we were just rerouted back to the district's website.
Again, when teachers were riffed and comments were posted on this site, they didn't bother to block it. Now, because it is the chief of staff's wife and the chief of staff happens to be best friends with the super...you see where this is going. If teachers are subject to public scrutiny, so should she.

I have other 'inside' information as well that I will share later.

[Ed Note: Jon Dahlander just wrote me and said that this happened to the DMN a while back and it took several days to get it corrected. He thinks it is accidental which may well be the case.

Hey, they've had other problems in IT recently!

By the way, we love "inside" information!]

voila...you are accessible

I am able to access today...no 'redirects' amazing isn't it.

Don't Believe It

I teach a journalism class and my students are required to access several online news sources as part of their lesson. Since I have been teaching this class, my students never had trouble accessing the DMN website.

Not saying John is not telling the truth, but the timing of this is very suspect. In order for the page to be "rerouted" back to the DISD website, someone has to tell the server to send traffic back to the DISD site, otherwise we get "page cannot be found, or this page violates your district technology policy", yadda, yadda, yadda.... OR Bing or one of the other sites similar to this:

I just don't think it is coincidence that a day after she is fired, we can't access your site.

[Ed Note: DISD has a "captive portal" that can do what is known as "URL redirects." It intercepts your http request and redirects your browser to the internal policy site. Though it is obviously technically possible to use the equipment to redirect a page anywhere, this just sounds unusual.]


Now this is worth blogging about. Thoughts anyone?