NTTA is Abusive

I am so angry at the exhorbitant raise in tolls on the Dallas North Tollway. When I first started using this road, the Wycliff toll was 25 cents. Now it will be %1.26! And this for a road that has already been paid for. The patrons have to bear the costs of NTTA's poor financial decisions.

I recently drove 125 miles across the state of Massachusetts on their turnpike for a $5.10 toll. Starting Sept 1, it will cost that much to go from downtown Dallas to the Stonebrook exit in Frisco, a distance of less than 25 miles.

This is why Texans must vigorously oppose the trend towards privitization of public roads, and the proliferation of toll roads.

here is a thought

I was shocked a few years back the price to cross the skyway in Chicago. It was sold off to another country. Also I spent quite a bit to cross a bridge in Gulf Shores, Al. The reason the Gulf Shores bridge is desirable is because the main drag is timed so poorly that you wait at least a minute or two at each light. I got a map and asked locals and figured out the back roads, and saved time, money, and gas.

I suggest you boycott the toll road, and plan time to go on 35 or 75, or 121, or better yet, buy a house in DALLAS, ...say I know of a nice one just a bus ride from downtown..

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no kidding - tell Gov. Perry that.

There was a movement towards a toll road that connected Canada and Mexico. Much land was appropriated by the government who took lands from ranchers and farmers to build this road. Their intention was to give the land to some spanish contractor who will profit from the tolls once it was built. The road bypassed a number of small towns and turned a few of them into virtual ghost towns. It was halted by the great citizens of south texas who still remember what it's like to be free.

Privitized roads smell too much like east coast meddling in Texas and we don't need them. Better yet, we should get Obama to use his new trillion dollar bailout from china to fund the building of this road and make it a public toll free road instead. We would have more job creation this way and less unemployment.

Governor Perry is still trying to promote the toll road.