Taxation without representation

Well ok then......
I have paid Federal Taxes since 1974. You may ask how, but where I grew up you got a job while you were in school and learned responsibility. I have paid property taxes since 1977, and specifically to DISD since 1992. My husband is a naturalized citizen who moved to Dallas with appropriate visas and was given a work permit and Social Security number within a few days of his legitimate arrival. He speaks English as his 4th language, and I need to humbly say, he is better in English than I am. I am a 4th generation born U.S. citizen, and a product of public education, outside of Texas. We do not qualify for any government assistance raising our kids because we have a combined income of over $36,000 per year. We are not a minority, although we are regarded as members of the demographic group that comprises less that 5-6% of the school population. Since we are not qualified because of income or race, my children are specifically not given what 95% of the children are offered.

Both of my children have rights by act of Congress referred to as IDEA. My older boy has been identified by the DISD as ADD, but the school will not provide him appropriate help to succeed and feel happy in school. Last year he attended Dallas Academy and had a sense of joy and self esteem that was stolen from him at the DISD elementary school, where the children are allowed to hollar gay slurs and tease him for having glasses. When I told the teacher, that particular time, the teacher said he was causing the problems. When he retaliated, he was suspended but the child who causes problems for many others as well, is not. I tried to have that child tested for the Magnet schools, but the school district would not consider the right of my child to be accomodated,stating that Magnet schools are not for "special needs" so he was just barely judged unqualified, so he had no option to either get the help he needs, or to have placement in a school where the children are not bullies and tolerated because it is culturally accepted. I say he had no option to have the help he needs, because he was not allowed into the afterschool tutorial because he was serviced because of his disability, and there are many other kids who are not identified as disabled, but worthy because they are poor and/or non English speakers. Essentially my child was also not tolerated for the after school extracurricular programs, because it is designed and has rules that only the children allowed into tutorial are tolerated in the other programs, because there is not enough staff or space to go around, so to speak, and others are "more needy" than we are.

My younger boy was labeled as Autistic by the DISD, but the DISD will not consider the fact that he needs help with English as his FIRST LANGUAGE!!! I have been told that since he has Autism he, by definition should not talk, and that in the DISD most of these kids just get worse and he is a waste of taxpayer money to service. The head of the Speech and Occupational Therapy for the entire district stated that she has never seen or heard of a child like mine, therefore the lies the teacher made up to cover the facts are considered true, and the assertion that I as a parent state that this child can, and has, developed speech is a lie. In short the school traumatized this child and has unlimited taxpayer funding to generate lies and false documentation to distort the truth and hide the facts of his behavior in the classroom, such as hiding under the table in the class is a normal school activity. Also the parent needs to understand that since the school is addressing the concerns, they are not obliged to do anything except have meetings and talk about doing anything, but not necessarily do the correct or appropriate thing.
The school generated a bogus progress report to cover-up the unsatisfactory progress, and altered timesheets and logs, and generated other documents that appear forged. I have tried to have the progress report that I was given on report card day returned to his Cumulative file, but to no avail. There is a paper they had me sign that included very small font and at least 50% faded print that had me essentially sign that I understood everything about special education law and the rights I have, so to release the school from any responsibility. I never signed that form at the other ARD meetings, only at the campus that is responsibility for the lies and cheating. That elementary school is a feeder into Lang, and is just one of many schools that uses Felony Violation to counteract the attempts of the parent to advocate for their children.
I have tried since January 2009 to have the false records corrected and have had not response. I contacted my Trustee and she thanked me. I guess since I have concluded that the school has unlimited funding to continue the lies and purjury and will hire 2 lawyer from Bracewell & Giuliani to state that my child has no reason to be educated correctly. But they will not educate, only talk about how I need to go to Due Process and prove it.
In short the only thing the school will do to spend money my tax dollars provide, and the Congress provides as Title I and IDEA funds, is bring the lawyer into the ARD and forcibly manipulate the documents to distort the truth and assert more and more lies so to cheat in the Due Process just to be able to get away with not servicing a white child commonly referred to as "retarded" [BTW he is not retarded, but in fact he is reading and talking at age 5, thanks to private help that I provide myself.] Hey at least they are spending it on my child in some manner. Right?

So I have a few options. I can pay taxes and send my kids to private school. The right for FAPE in Texas is moot simply because I need to PROVE that the school lies and distorts the documents and there is no justice and no legal access for taxpayers being wrongfully treated by taxfunded agencies, like the DISD. The TEA is just as corrupt and the State Legislature will not represent the people by giving citizen fair opportunity for a Due Process Hearing that is not corrupt and outside the TEA, and give the responsibility to the State Hearing Officers. The system will pay for the hearing officers with tax payer dollars, and they will pay for the school to defend their right to abuse the ethical system with unethical tactics and malicious hateful activities to get away with not effectivly educating the children, and Leigh Ann just says "Thank you"

So if you need anything legitimate the only thing to do is move out of Dallas. I tried to tell Belo, and the response is this is not NEWS. it is same ol same ol, and nobody cares. Not news.

It is history, indeed ... Taxation without representation.

corrupt school districts with mafia style

It may sound like a rant to you but I have been there and done that with another district in Texas. It can drive a sane person nearly round the bend. I always believed that as a white upper middle class tax paying citzen who followed all the rules that I and my child would be treated fairly and accorded our rights under the law. That was before I gave birth to an autistic child and put her in FISD.You would not believe to what lengths these districts will go to deny a disabled child their rights as mandated by IDEA. Granted there are nut jobs out there - there are sane citzens pushed beyond limits by school districts who flaunt the law, lie to cover up and have all the money in the world for lawyers but not for children.
There is no justice in Texas when a parent advocates for their child with a school districts that has no regard for the child, the law or anyones rights under the constitution.

they have a "how to cheat" club

They have meetings on how to cheat and do any unethical activity and get away with it.

IT IS THE TRUTH> the money is being taken by the lawyers, and there is nothing left to educate the kids even if the jerks in the public school wanted to do it. They have a cash cow and they bait the parent into Due Process, letting them think there is a possible option to get the private school paid as the LAW DOES REQUIRE!!!


In Lewisville it is a different world. Praise the Lord!!

You're Frustrated

I hear your frustration - it comes thrugh quite clearly. But when you claim that everyone in the District is evil and corrupt, and basically claim the same thing about TEA, the State Legislature, and BELO, I have to wonder about the accuracy of your perceptions. God knows DISD has many faults, but I find it hard to believe they are part of a massive statewide conspiracy against your child. Regardless, I wish you the best of luck in Flower Mound, and hope that you and your child will be happy there.

It is not against my child

It is a FACT that Texas is 49 of 50 of the entire United States in regards to services to all children. I KNOW there are great people in the DISD. I have told a number of folks sincere gratitute, despite their hands being "tied" (figuratively of course). I have been told that Belo cannot explain the complex issue as news, it is not a conspiracy, just a corrupt mafia style system. We are already over the top please with LISD and are inspired to have a life free of the malice and games designe to steal and not service with the intention to falsify and lie, as DISD has practices on many others including the kids at Lang Middle School. Thanks for the well wishes!

And it is a Legislature issue.. you better believe that!!!!!!

attitude is everything

"My older boy has been identified by the DISD as ADD, but the school will not provide him appropriate help to succeed and feel happy in school"

--you can't measure happiness therefore the school does not know if they are implementing "happiness" or not.

just interjecting, I will keep reading your post now.

"attitude is everything"


DISD cannot identify students as having either ADD or ADHD, as they are medical conditions. Only a doctor can do that. So, before you go blasting DISD for everything, get your facts straight! Go to a medical doctor and ask to have your child evaluated for ADD or ADHD. Bring the information to the school, and maybe then they can help.

Identify is not "diagnos"

the difference in verbage is apparent. You are misreading and judging based on your error not mine.

I never said my child was diagnosed, I said they identified him and that it is.
He is not diagnosed, and he is qualified with an IEP and they failed to do it right.

Dallas Academy did it right.

yep they can and MUST evaluate, and probably they won' t

and when the doctor does send a letter they still won't do as it says saying it is a medical model or what else they will say. You NEED TO GET IT STRAIGHT and cut your attitude.

Point well illustrated thanks for the great insight on the DISD ATTITUDE!!!!!!

They will and do just to get funds, not to service the kid! $$$$$$$$$$ kaching

In fact they are REQUIRED to identify and service the needs by IDEA law!
What the doctor is required for is to medicate. ADD is not a medical condition but a learning disorder. With proper educational conditions and appropriate help in school, medicines are usually avoidable. YOU MAY NOT tell a parent to medicate their child, and often times the teacher lacks the skill set and thinks there needs to be drug intervention. If you do tell the parent to medicate the kid, that is also a legal violation.

FYI since you need to be educated

ADD Kids

I have an ADD son. The school is required to make "reasonable accommodations" for his condition under ADA. When he was in DISD, this was done.

Just because they do for one is not the fact they will do for al

I was specifically told by the home campus that there were too many kids to service ,and the central administration is unwilling to provide the means or extra staff to give everyone help as they are needing. If the kid is smart enough to pass the TAKS they will not help them in the way that they need to master the basic skill to adapt. The school staff is just as frustrated as we are, and the fact that I had this as a problem is far from the issue. The school now is without an assistant principal, and the school finds it appropriate to be dishonorable and the fact that a school like Dallas Academy can offer the type of multisensory language based help, is what the kid needs. Your one campus might have something, but it is not offered everywhere, and I am ranting because the school will not offer to all as it is required. You need to have a blog like Allen, or have some other thing to hang over their head, to get your kid the necessary education.

So why is your boy no longer in DISD? Was reasonable not really reasonable? I know several parents that think that their child can do better if there was a better opportunity, that the school simply will not provide.

Well I just got off the phone with the diagnostician here in Flower Mound, and he is referred as Special Ed, and the idea of the attention issues, was not completely identified, and we are going to have the more comprehensive testing of all his strengths and weakness. Either way the DISD will not do the job, but only talk about doing it. The DSID failed to completely evaluate other than to qualify him with the 16 point difference. He was offered the ADD style accomodations, and the evaluator mentioned "attention gaps". They never told me to seek out a Dr. He does not need medicine, and he has wonderful behavior and there is not a need to seek a doctor. I am happy to know that he is not ADD, and in fact I was looking about and it is no longer considered as a valid DMS-IV diagnosis anyway... so whatever the label, he was not being educated properly at DISD and he was being mistreated in general.

Sorry if you are more correct than I am... Life goes on... Please pass your judgement, as you want... I need to vent, and I feel tht the world needs to know that the tax dollars are being wasted. I hope your kid gets everything that they refuse to give mine, so I know they have many more options. Your central administrator is probably not the same either. At least now we are in a district that is really able to do more than lie and falsify documents and pass off the responsibility to correctly evaluate. You judge me fine... have a good time at it.

Thank you Lord!

Not Denying Service Differs

I'm not denying that educational experiences vary greatly across the District. My son goes to Dallas Academy where we felt, given his challenges, his chances of success would increase. We pay for the full cost of tuition and do not seek reimbursement from DISD.

But you point out that they offered to make some "ADD style accomodations." What were they?

I suppose you read this:

off the top of my head..

The above link states the responsibility of the school in identifying the child's difficulty.

To answer the question I recall,
The teacher placed his seat at the front and he was continuously being prompted to his paper with her pointing and/or tapping on his desk. He got 100% in that group.

He was given few questions on a test page, with bigger font. Same test though.

He was to be placed in a smaller group for testing, especially the tests thqt were important for the administration ( hmm wonder why for TAKS but not for TAG or Magnet)

Because of these things he was not included inthe afterschool tutorial, stating his needs were being addressed in the class. He was therefore not included in the structured afterschool program the others were attending, which is discriminaation due to disability.

The resource teacher confirmed she did nothing specific to help him.

He was given forgivness for spelling errors, which I think is unforgivable. (now you can judge the nut does not fall far from the tree) My issue is sticky keyboard FYI

He was to be instructed to slow down an do the task correctly, and use a paper to read line by line.

So you may ask what is my issue if he was getting passing scores and grades.

He was not offered what he needed. Dallas Academy offers a multi sensory program that works. And I agree ADD probably is not the issue, but that is what they made it to be, because that fits what they will do to help. DISD expects the kids to change their disability. The school catchphrase is "We can't do THAT"
Allen, the school is required to offer the opportunty to be successful to all, not just to the ones that are self educating. Your special needs kids have as much right to have a public education that COMPLETELY services his need for success as the TAG kids and the magnet kids have the right to have their potential nurtured. Why should the Townview kids have smaller class sizes? Why should the Valdictorian be given help to attend the most prestigious University at the taxpayer expense, when a kid with autism is not offer the appropriate nor sufficient opportunity to develop speech? I understand we are outside of the favorable class of elite DISD Administrators. I am not qualified because I am an honest taxpaying citizen....ergo taxation without representation!
The DISD has the history of changing documents, the TAKS cheaters are not the only ones. There is no regard to teaching the skills in the early grades, and when the teacher will refer the kid, the parent needs to request time and time again for the evaluations. Then, even when you get the evaluations, the DISD thinks they are not obliged to consider the needs, because they think they are within the law to lie and do anything possible to cover up, and that is why the Belo people think this is not news.

What really bites me is the fact that the ARD committee who will not do the task to service my kid, DOES NOT send their kid to DISD. What do they know?

I saw that

I too pay the full tuition, and did not ever file TEA complaints in regards to that child. I did seek reimbursement for the ASD child, because they were so baltent inthe crime of denial of FAPE. As the article says there needs to be proof, and the district spins lies so fiercely they will deny any regard to truth and they pay 6 figures to not pay $10,000 to give a middle class child what is commonly offered in Head Start to the other children. We dod not qualify for Head start due to demographics. The ex director of SPED mad it clrar that the LRE for a 3 year old is with mom at home.( something I discovered via the legal process) We are simply left out and it is a crime!

ADD Kids

I have an ADHD child myself. The district is very willing to accommodate the needs, they just cannot test a child for this, since according to the state, it isn't a learning disability. Now, that isn't to say that if the child has the medical diagnosis of ADD or ADHD, and there is an academic need, that under an Other Health Impaired label he can't be served. That can & DOES HAPPEN.

I did not have them "just" test for ADD

I noticed that he was not doing well in 1st grade, and it was determined he is very bright, as with a high IQ but simply could not do well in the school work. It is the responsibility of the school to determine what he needs and what his strengths are, and to service that, by teaching him . You have a different child and you are not correct in that it is a learning disability by the Federal standards, if the disorder interrups learning.
I hope the school does not falsify your child's progress reports and distort the truth just to be evil the way they did to mine. You can pass judgement, and I can move out of the town. This is still a free country, although the DISD is not obliged by the Penal Code. They have their own Police Department, and are willing and able to do whatever they want without regard to any law. It happens, maybe not to you, and I know there are kids who have both parents employed by the district who may get some service, but I know it happened to my kids, and that is the truth. It is your right to not know the truth.

Just like it is the truth that some kids are offered what they need at Townview, but other's are not offered anything at other High schools. They are judged non worthy.

well the state does lots of things to abuse the rights of kids

They also will put a kid identified with a medical condition as oppositional defiant in jail, just because they can.

It is not right. But that is not the point. The school is REQUIRED to identify and service, not label. They failed my child, and you are not an expert in ADD but ADHD as you say. I was looking at medical doctor's writing and it supports my point that happiness will be disturbed by the improper servicing of kids like mine in school. THAT IS THE POINT>

Maybe my writing is too creative for you? Is that why you are judging me?

Well that is your kid

Does that make you an expert? ADD is not the same as ADHD. Aside from that the school did not inform myself or the school resource teacher of the most effective methods to service a child .

How can the school have psychologists that diagnos PDD-Nos using the DSM-IV? The diagnostician said they do need a MD to sign off, after the school does the testing and evaluations, but whenever I have taken MD referrrals to the DISD they say they will not do those things being that those needs are medical, not educational. They will not do the job. I am glad your kid gets all the needs met though. Good for you. I have the problem of previously living in a part of town that is more well identified as cheating on the TAKS and getting caught, rather than doing the right thing to service the needs of the kids.


Your comments and rants speak for themselves far more eloquently than you realize.

So judgement is your right


If the DISD was a normal place to go to school

In todays news..

All the people know this except the SPED of DISD. They are just not able to comprehend they are paid to provide the necessary help, not be self fulfilling hedonists.

Is singing

"If you are Happy and you know it" too advanced? ...or is hand clapping culturally taboo?

You can't be serious. A child knows how to feel

as you say your attitude is that of a cold hearted moron if you think that you need to measure happiness. I understand; the school psychologist told me during the debate called ARD that I need to expect the school to provide the ability to learn, and that includes the child needs to have an ability function. If a child is crying, does that reflect anything? If a child is droped out, is that ok, even if it is allowed within the 2% that will not affect the TEA ratings?

Have you ever considered that the teachers do not need to be happy? I think we need to have no tolerence for freebies and other perks at the Taxpayer Expense. Why should we celebrate that a school is recognized, just because 75% of the kids can pass the TAKS, and 2% are allowed to drop out without the school being penalized, and infact the school get the funds for the entire year, after the roll call, or what your bureau calls it. There needs to be a social measurement. The TAKS cheaters are just the only ones that were caught because they are SOOOOOO STUPID they do not know to buy a good artist eraser. The other schools just know how to erase better, and do not get caught. If the kids were happy it would not be a need to cram for the TAKS and your job to educate would be more fun, not that it should be.. or should it...

I am just disgusted. I have to say. Attitude is everything. I hope you all enjoy your school year... not that happiness is related to learning. Just know when you have difficult children and you have engaged parents that advocate for them, you the teacher and administration, need to be happy too... so lie an cheat, because that is more important than the happiness of the kids... it is crystal clear indeed.

I have a new goal..... make DISD administration as unhappy as possible.... oh that is a fruitless goal.. they have no soul or feelings.. oh right... duh I guess i am just a stupittaxpayer... rux

High school tax is because we're overpopulated.

Overpopulation increases the need for more resources. This means more resources must be bought and paid for. Therefore, we see an increase in taxes. Financial mismanagement doesn't help. Teen pregnancy doesn't help. Having a non standard child that takes up more resources doesn't help.

However, sending your kids to the military to die for their country does help but only if they die otherwise they come back and help overpopulate and that means you are also perpetuating the military industrial complex but at least you have security at home.

Your moving does help the local situation and could be your answer to a better life. Just make sure you choose a good place that will meet your needs.

Perhaps things would be better in a socialist system. Education would be free. Health care would be free too. How do other countries handle special needs children? How does Canada or Mexico treat these kids?

The system needs to change don't you think?

Good luck. It was nice to know you.