If I Were Going To Shut It All Down

Folks, let's not read too much into this right now. I'm just asking questions and maybe we can have a little fun together.

I've been publishing Dallas.Org for about 10 years. Back when I started, I committed to doing it until 2010. My exact words were "then it's somebody else's problem."

Over the years, I've picked up domain names like DallasISD.Com, DallasPolice.Org and a whole bunch of other names that all point to Dallas.Org.

So in the event I decided to pull the plug on things, I need help deciding what to do with Dallas.Org and all the other names.

You know, I could do something dull and boring like just give them to the City of Dallas, Dallas ISD, etc., or I could do something esoteric like turn it all into a really cool page with links to Dallas restaurants, businesses, the "real" media, etc.

Or I could get creative.

Things like a Dallas "paparazzi" page.  Submissions would have to be shot while traveling at unsafe speeds hanging out the window of an 18-wheeler or hanging out of a helicopter.  We'd only accept pictures where they "almost snapped it of the guy except for this big light pole blocking the picture."

How about a "Ben and Jerry's" style essay contest: "what I would do if I ran Dallas.Org?"

Hey, maybe a fan site for the old TV show, "Dallas?"  Except that I hated that show.

I've never really considered it, but maybe a porno site?  The ".Org" I'm told might have some value as double-entendre.  Nah, let's keep it clean.

Maybe I could talk the city into naming the new hotel "The Dallas.Org Hotel" and this could be their webpage?  They could have the "DallasPolice.Org" residences and the "DallasISD.Com" bookstore as bonuses?

I could trade with the guy who owns "www.DingusKentucky.org."  Oh wait, I own that.  Did you know there really is such a place?

So come on guys, help me think up stuff.

Update: I've called Kelloggs to see if they want to brand a "Dallas.Org" cereal.  I'll let you know what they say.  No, really!