Former DISD Official Sentenced to 11 Years

US District Judge Sam Lindsay has sentenced 60-year old former DISD Technology Chief Ruben Bohuchot to 132 months in prison with another 3 years of supervised probation.

Bohuchot was ordered to surrender to the Federal Bureau of Prisons on January 20.

Bohuchot, who has health issues, requested assignment to a medical facility. According to the Judge, the request will be up to the Bureau of Prisons.

Bohuchot's wife is also ill and was unable to attend his sentencing.

Prosecutors had asked for more than 30 years in prison based on federal sentencing guidelines.

Judge Lindsay called the guidelines "overkill" and opted for the much-reduced sentence calling 11-years "enough of a deterrent."

The Judge also factored in Bohuchot's age and his lack of a criminal history noting that with age, people tend to have more of a capacity to avoid "re-offending."

Judge Lindsay acknowledged that Bohuchot "did good" for the District. The Judge added that Bohuchot's good works was not justification for committing crimes.

Bohuchot was convicted, along with a former vendor Frankie Wong in an elaborate scheme to defraud the District of money (read the DOJ press release).

Dallas.Org Associate Reporter Dee Dee Massey contributed to this report.