Hinojosa too busy to speak to HIS kids

Saturday morning from 9am to noon Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson was holding her annual academy day at 3700 Ross Avenue with representatives from all of the service academies present and over 200 DISD students there to find out more information about the admissions process.

Hinojosa was on the list of speakers that were to address the students about the value of a college education, selfless service to others, and serving ones nation and community. Instead he sent one of his tag alongs to speak on his behalf. He was too busy to come speak to HIS students, to the visitors from all over the country that came to speak to HIS kids.

Why was he too busy? He was speaking to the few supporters he still has so he can save his behind and his job. Funny how following Thursday night’s call for a special board meeting for a vote of confidence, he was "out of town" on Friday and was not available for a statement, but he was available Saturday morning to meet with the few people who can still stomach listening to him. Funny how he did not go to a synagogue or an Urban League meeting, but rather a group of "Latino activists."

I am sure that is just a coincidence.


It was a financial snowball effect way before the current superintendent took office. The economic crisis exacerbates the problem. Hinojosa is simply a scapegoat. You're barking up the wrong tree. Why don't you promote the lowering of property taxes and tell people not to make too many babies. Something, anything constructive to get us out of this mess. Instead, we come here and burn the witch thinking that will solve the problem.

The globalists told you to look at george the monkey and you did. In the mean time, they chained your ankles to your desk and drained your blood to feed themselves.

Classic Hinojosa

Pray tell, whom did he send in his stead?