Pat on the back

My my just last month our Superintendent threw a pizza party for the staff in Human Development praising them for the fine job of hiring teachers. Now when things fall about, everyone their gets a knife in the back.
What will it cost taxpayers when it is time for this man to leave? What did it cost for Eric Anderson to leave? The tab is growing, the bleeding must stop!

Teacher Recruitment

How much did it cost to recruit, hire, and train the 700+ teachers? How many trips did HR personnel take out of state and out of country to recruit teachers? What was the average expense of these trips? Have you ever tried to learn something from someone who's English is so difficult to understand that you had to focus on just recognizing the words and not comprehension of the new content?

Human Development

Since we are on the subject of HD, just received a district email stating HD's lobby would be closed September 29 thru October 3rd. Seems strange to me. I smell a rat.

Home Depot has a similar situation, remember?

Go back and read how HD hung on and really lost a strong position over Lowes, had to pay CEO Nardelli one of the most lucrative exit packages ever. Nardelli is head of Serberus now, having whacked HD below the knee's in my opinion, so what is the difference here with DISD. The SUPR will win either way, but I am 100 percent sure DISD will ever wiggle their way out of the financial mess WE TAXPAYERS let this administration get us into. I have been critical of this man since year one of him coming in here. This is no different to me than WAMU, BEAR STEARN's or LEHMAN, it is now to a bail out point in my opinion. We need interim help and look far to the other side of the world, pick out a great example from past leadership and move forward to bringing that person in. Hinajosa has made his mark, be your own judge as to how you favor his work and he gets a huge EXIT PACKAGE because the contract was declared to give him a good financial exit, plus think about the pension he will get as well in the coming years. Tie adminsitration to performance like what has been done to teachers to the CHIEF and we will have students graduating that know how to fill out an employment application, many do not when they graduate, sad, but true.

I feel DISD would benefit by going overseas, look into hiring one of the world's leading countries of higher education in public schools personel and by the way, he/she would have an Asian surname and then see that person work on a much lower first year salary then get performance pay each year after if the first year is successful.