DISD Executive's Wife Lands Top DISD IT Job

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Update July 21: Soft-Core Adult Advertisement Appeared on Viramontes Consulting Website!

Husband and wife's combined salaries exceed $320,000 a year

DISD has long been under fire for its lax approach in handling nepotism.

In DISD, getting to that top job could even involve who you are sleeping with--literally.

Arnold Viramontes served as the district's Chief of Information Technology during 2006 through early 2008. The post was formerly held by recently convicted fraudster Ruben Bohuchot.

When he was appointed to the position of Chief Transformation Officer for Superintendent Michael Hinojosa, Arnold may have had a novel idea on who should replace him.

His wife.

Patricia Viramontes, Arnold's wife, assumed the role of Executive Director of Information Technology earlier this summer. The District originally furnished information indicating that Patricia was the only candidate for the job. We're now waiting to see records pertaining to a job search.

Patricia's resume [view Patricia Viramontes' resume here] lists her most recent position as Chief Information Officer for The Viramontes Group, Inc--a 2-person company with $100,000 a year in sales, headquartered at the couple's Austin home.

Her resume shows she held the position from August, 2000 to "Present."

According to her resume, Patricia held several positions prior to 2000--with her tenure being about 2 years in each spot with a notable exception being a position of "Applications and Systems Programming Manager" for Region XIX Education Service Center in El Paso from 1981 through 1993.

Region XIX confirmed her employment but recorded a slightly different title: "Programming Manager in Data Processing."

Patricia's original resume, submitted when she applied for the job, did not list a section on "Education." An updated resume provided after this story was initially posted shows she has a Bachelor's from New Mexico State University in Business Systems Analysis.

District records indicate that Arnold Viramontes receives a salary of $182,811. Patricia Viramontes receives a salary of $137,500 giving the husband-and-wife team a total of $320,311 in taxpayer money (not including expenses).

The Viramontes' first surfaced on the nepotism radar late last year when Patricia effectively reported to her husband. The District decided, after the news broke, to move the IT department under a different executive.

DISD Spokesman Jon Dahlander just responded by saying that our information is in error. He noted the following:

The position was posted according to our normal process both internally and externally. Several dozen resumes were received. 4 candidates (1 internal, 3 external) were interviewed by a multi-ethnic panel, per normal procedures. The result of the process caused the selection of Ms. Viramontes.

As you can see by her updated resume, she received her BBA in Business Systems Analysis with Honors from New Mexico State University in May 1976.

The Viramontes Group is incorporated in the state of Texas.

She has been serving as interim executive director of IT since December 21.

Editor's Note:

When Dallas.Org made its request for public information on June 8, we asked for:

All resumes, employment applications, copies of job postings along with any and all other documents, memoranda, notes and any other document or documents related to the posting, evaluation and eventual selection for the position of "Executive Director of Information Technology Services."

Patricia's resume [here] was the only document we received in response to that request.

We'd love to have the rest of these!

We'd also like to know who was on the "multi-ethnic" committee that evaluated the resumes.

We found The Viramontes Group, Inc! It is, in fact, a Texas Corporation in temporary good standing.


UPDATE - July 21

A reader pointed out that The Viramontes Group's website contains pop-up advertising. One of these advertisers appeared to be soft-core adult content provider. "If one of [Patricia's] jobs was to execute an internet strategy for her company, she did it poorly" notes the reader.

Shortly after this was posted, all advertising pop-ups were removed from the Viramontes Group's website.

Click here to view a screen capture of the Viramontes Group website which contained the pop-up ad (safe for kids--the more revealing content is not being posted).