Gary Griffith: First "Cheese" Now Rudy

Dallas Mayoral Candidate Gary Griffith's first whack at a platform seemed to be the "cheese candidate" by espousing the dangers of the new drug, "cheese," which has become alarmingly popular in our School District.Now, Griffith is Rudy. Rudy Giuliani, that is.In a new campaign letter that starts out "Dear Fellow Conservative," Griffith announces he's planning to "clean up Dallas like Rudy Giuliani cleaned up New York City."Griffith's letter opens saying his "political advisers have told me that it is foolish and unnecessary to take a stand now" regarding the Presidential election of 2008. Griffith goes on to say, "I want you to know that I proudly and passionately support Rudy Giuliani in his quest to be our next President.""Rudy Giuliani got it done for New York City," Griffith wraps up, "He can get it done for our nation. My pledge to you is that as mayor I will be the strong, principled leader that Rudy proved to be in New York. I am asking for your help, your support, and your prayers." I don't know why I'm reminded of an exchange between Lloyd Bentsen and Dan Quayle in 1988.No word, yet, on whether Rudy is endorsing Griffith for Mayor of Dallas.